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Nice insights with a small pharmahuasca trip

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This morning upon awakening, slightly earlier than my accustomed time, I thought it useful to begin the day with a session of meditation. Struck with inspiration I had the thought put into me that I should try the caapi alkaloid extract product that I had recently purchased. I consumed 250mg of the alkaloids and then I thought I would consume a very low dose of dmt to see at what amount do I begin to get effects.

I mixed 10mg of family pure white dmt into a tiny amount of vinegar which I drank a few moments after the caapi. As I began to feel a slight shift in consciousness I remembered a realization about absorption a digestion I had the other day. I quickly steam a small piece of broccoli and consumed. I have found that when consuming psychedelics on an empty stomach, the absorption can be speed up significantly by eating a small amount to facilitate digestion. The other day I ate some magic mushrooms that were blended up and after an hour of feeling it, and ostensibly going through the peak of it, I ate a small meal and the effects came on even stronger.

So after consuming both the caapi and dmt I went back to my bedroom and sat to meditate. After about 15 min My body began to feel light. I started to become separated form my thoughts, seeing them as part of my mind which is actually not the real me. Bodily sensation and mental effects began to increase and I felt a dose of anxiety. Many times when coming up on psychedelics I experience a transient anxiety that will pass away after a short period.

I began to realize fears related to not being in control and fear of the unknown. I actually haven’t done a ego shattering dose of any psychedelic except for a brief moment with 5 meo-dmt. I have a fear that if I take a large dose of a psychedelic that I could be thrusted into a psychological hell, tormented with anxiety and dread.

A quick analysts of my surroundings and internal state assured me that I am fine and nothing bad will happen; that fear is of our own creation and it is just an mental knot. The physical sensations of anxiety passed and I was now in a calm meditative state.

I found with this decent dose of caapi and small dose of dmt that meditation and visualizations of conscious progressive significance became easier. What is interesting though is that insights were not just given to me. It was not force upon me or something or didn’t require effort. I had to use conscious willpower to make it happen just like being completely sober but the insights were clearer than my normal state.

The intensity of the experience began to lessen after about an hour and after two I feel pretty much back to base line. I think using pharmahuasca at this dose is a good tool for meditation when you don’t have a lot of time to trip.
The other day waking up early I thought a peeny weeny 90 mg harmalas (rueHCL) and 25 spice would give a gentle meditational sphere, but found myself far much deeper than expected.
Doses is a strange business, you really never know.
I thought the 90 would not inhibited much :?:
Thanks for motivating to try a 10 😉
Your welcome! I think I will increase in increments of 5 mg and increase the caapi dose as well.
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