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Nick Sun - Some thoughts, maps and traps of the DIY psychedelic healing /awakening path

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Sydney Siders- Don’t miss this fascinating and hilarious event as Nick Sun launches his inaugural book ‘No Mo Trippin’ with Q&A and shares with us;
‘Some thoughts, maps and traps of the DIY psychedelic healing /awakening path‘

Nick Sun has a unique story, in that he was a professional comedian for 13 years (2004-2017), winning awards (JJJ Raw comedy, UK’s So You Think You’re Funny, Epping hotel meat raffle) appearing on television and various comedy festivals around the world as well as supporting such famous acts as Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope and Chris Rock, before he went through a healing crisis precipitated by his first series of Ayahuasca experiences in 2015.

Realising that he had some serious demons to deal with and a lot of healing to do, he quit standup to embark on a seven year voyage of healing and self-wankery, whereupon he began training and working as an underground psychedelic facilitator, serving Ayahuasca, Kambo, Iboga and San Pedro between the years of 2017-2023 all over Australia in the underground psychedelic plant medicine scene, where he witnessed and guided over 2000 individual experiences, treating a wide range of people from all walks of life ranging from busdrivers to doctors, psychologists to cops. The variety of experiences and healing processes he bore witness to were often incredible and inexplicable and he observed a number of miraculous healings that question current western scientific paradigms.

How could such a man embark on two so very different career paths? Well it’s a bit complicated but basically it’s in his genes. One grandfather ran circuses while the other one was the local medicine man and healer in his Himalayan village.

In late 2023 his plant medicine journey slowly began winding down and he was called to return back to the stage in order to develop a standup comedy show about his experiences as a facilitator and healing journey, as well as finally finishing and publishing his first book, ‘No Mo Trippin’ which is based on the diary excerpts and blogs: https://nicksun.medium.com) that he wrote during his most intense years of plant medicine healing, experimentation and initiation during 2015-2018, in an attempt to document and integrate the process of spiritual emergence and psychedelic healing that he went through. He describes it as a genexers take on the healing and awakening process, a kind of comedic pisstake of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, written in the ascerbic, sarcastic, profanity-laden voice of a wounded comedian searching for healing, redemption and transcendence.

This book launch will have Nick doing a serious (but with some funny bits) talk on various aspects of the DIY psychedelic healing process, including traps and pitfalls of the process, the possibilities and limits of psychedelics, and a brief overview of what he learned during his time in the field. This talk is especially relevant for those who are taking psychedelic self-healing into their own hands, as he will describe some of the processes to expect if you are on the DIY path of psychedelic self-healing, as his book explores this process of entheogenic self-initiation happening increasingly here in the West.

Afterwards there will be a Q&A session, as well as books and legal plant medicines available for sale. Book available here: No Mo Trippin : Sun, Nick: Amazon.com.au: Books

Doors open: 2:30pm
Book Launch: 3:00pm
Break: 4:00pm
Q&A: 4:30pm
Doors close: 6:00pm

Where: East Sydney Community and Arts Centre,
34–40 Burton Street Darlinghurst 2010

Tickets: $20 available here:

Facebook Event Page: Nick Sun ‘No Mo Trippin’ Book launch with Q&A

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