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Nigella sativa + salvia

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I saw this in another thread and wanted to zoom in on it for discussion:

people on here were growing thyme-leaved sandwort as a prospective adjunct to Salvia divinorum for its carboxylesterase inhibition capabilities, and there's Twig Harper's Salvia syrup which contains, among other things, Nigella sativa oil with a view to enabling oral activity through a similar means - perhaps by improving absorption or bioavailability as well, I'd need to look at that more carefully.

Can someone dish more about nigella sativa and supposed mechanisms of action in this context? Has anyone else experimented with this for enhancement?

This caught my eye because I've had much more interactive experiences than anticipated quidding 1-2 grams plain/dried leaf with Ms. Sally. I am also eating loads of nigella sativa everyday. :?:

I am not able to locate a version of the recipe that includes nigella sativa.
Link to the salvia syrup recipe (or at least, the ingredients on the label):
Do you suspect any of those terps really have an effect on the metabolism of salvinorin? And why capsaicin?
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