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Noman´s tek and disposal of NaOH

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Hello guys.
Before i start writing something, i would like to apologize for my bad englisch.
I hope that someone is able and willing to answer my questions despite my awfull writing.
I would be thankfull for all helpfull answers i get.

I would like to try Noman´s tek to extract DMT from Mimosa hostilis root bark, but since i have no experience working with chemicals like NaOH (lye), i find it to dangerous to just try it and find out what works.
I know already that i must use goggles, a mask ,gloves and a protective suit (spills), which i have already at home. I will also need some containers with leakproof lids, which a heat-resistant enough to use for the extraction and don´t burst after i slowly add the NaOH to the water.

The thing that worries me the most is that i dont really know how to handle and dispose the NaOH after i mixed it with water and the bark. I also dont know exactly, if the solvents i want to use will work at all or if i just get an emulsion.
I fear that i might just end with a mixture made of NaOH, water, shredded bark and the solvent of my choice whithout a plan how i can get rid of it after i messed up the extraction somehow.
How can i dispose the materials i used, especially the NaOH water.
Could i neutralize it by slowly adding vinegar essence (20% acid) to it.
What would happen if i would do that?
What should i do with the bark?

I still have more questions regarding the extraction, but these are the most important ones .

I am pretty sure that it will take a while till a figure out everything i need to know before i can start.
I dont intend to annoy people with my questions and will try to only ask if i cant find the answers to my problems myself or really am not sure.

Wenn du natronlauge benutzt, solltest du immer sehr vorsichtig sein, da es sich um eine aetzende fluessigkeit handelt. Um ein bestimmtes molekuel zu extrahieren, dient die natronlaugbe lediglich als puffer um den pHWert zu erhoehen.

Dazu braucht man gewisse Sicherheitsmassnahmen, weil Natronlauge ansoonsten sehr gefaehrlich sein kann. Solange du echtes Glas benutzt, ist alles in Ordnung.

Theoretisch ergibt eine Mischung aus NaOH und HCl (Salzsaeure) eine Mischung aus NaCl und H2o, also erster Guete Nudelwasser. Mach dir keine Gedanken - du kannnst das Laugemwassser ohne Bedenken in den Abfluss schuetten.

Viel gruesse

Hello and Welcome on the nexus

You should have glass container like mason jar, at least HDPE plastic bottle, glass is really encouraged.
Allways put Lye in Water, solwly adding it and carefully, stir slowly to dissolve and wait reaction finish (the solution get upper in temperature, become clearer). Before using it, wait it to cool nearly room temp.
Vinegar is good to neutrlizing base, hold a small flask with a spray near you.

You should find an extraction tek you find confortable with. If you are afraid of lye and handling dangerous chemicals, i suggest you to explore the way of more eco friendly tek.
They are easy, less dangerous, and the product at the end will be food safe.

In no way you should do something that you are no confident with, if tek you read aren't still clear, just read them more, explore forum and problem that ppl encoutered. You will be rewarded for your extraction.

Be allway in a ventilated area, lye & water produces very toxic fumes, naptha or petroleum solvent evap quickly and can take the place of the oxygen in your room, you may don't like a gasoline exaust in your room :)

Be safe
The first Tek I tried was Cyb's Hybrid A/B Salt Tek and I cannot recommend it highly enough for a first extraction. It is clear and easy to follow and with correct ingredients and method it is guaranteed to work!
Welcome Marcolucid,

Before I go into some of your questions, I would like to point out to you that the forum is equipped with a FAQ, a wiki and a search function (need to be logged in to see that). You can use those to look if your question has been asked and answered before. If everybody does that, the forum does not get cluttered up needlessly.

BTW, the above is also stated in the Attitude page, in the section "1.4 Critical thinking and basic autonomy". You already found the Attitude page, didn't you?

Now, when I type "dispose lye" into the search function, one of the hits is this post that I wrote before. It has some useful links to topics that discuss the issue.

In case that your drain is not connected to the municipal sewer system, but instead connects to a septic tank, you should heed the warnings in this topic.

Be careful when you neutralize a strongly basic solution with acid. The heat of reaction can be unexpectedly strong and could cause sudden boiling or splashing. Be careful and well prepared.

When working with lye, it is of utmost importance to protect your eyes with safety glasses or goggles. When lye gets into your eyes it damages them quickly and irreversibly. Your skin is much more resistant to damage and is much better able to heal itself.

Nevertheless, always use gloves when working with lye and other strong bases (and also strong acids!), if only for the reason that gloves do not become slippery in contact with lye. Your hands do, as the lye turns finger fat into soap (that is how classical soap is made.) Soapy fingers are slippery, as you know. Slippery fingers easily spill beakers and jars full of caustic solutions, possibly causing them to splash into your eyes.

Good luck and be safe!
Thank you all for answering me so quickly.
I will try to use the search function before posting new questions as good as i can.
I just have another short question though.

Do you know how many german speaking members there are in the nexus community and how i can find them?
I would love to get in contact with some people whose language i understand better for the case i still run into problems while extracting.
You can find members by their postings, references and so on sometime. Otherwise there are also some members here who are writing in german-speaking forums, too.
But the german-speaking forums are not that deep in the matter like the Nexus because almost 80% of information there is copy and paste.

Take you a heart and improve your english! I think the people here look forward if there are some little errors in the writings and it is a good opportunity to getting better in speaking foreign languages. Go on! :thumb_up:

Edit: I agree that the A\B salt tek is a good starting point. If you work systematically and take the risks seriously, there is no doubt that you will suceed. The errors I have seen in laboratories where all made by people who were tired or uncareful. Its like everytime, keep concentrated and respect the security conseils you can find here. And you will do it.
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