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Hello, swim plans on using Marsofold's tek (after failing using Noman's -_-) and was wondering if you could help swim out with a couple of things and answer some of swim's question's!
Okay so here is the tek swim plans on using: http://dmt.tribe.net/thread/95f0c52f-9278-4c92-a983-4b040dc37cec
Anyway, swim was wondering what alteration's swim should make if swim is going to use instead 125g of pre-shredded MHRB (swim is getting it from this website, swim did the first time as well-is it legit?
Also, would this lye be acceptable for swim to use?- Swim already has the rest of the neccesary materials.
Swim is wondering if anyone could alter the tek to fit swim's needs (125g pre-shredded MHRB) instead of the 1 pound of MHRB and shredding it swim's self.
Also, one more question-does the polar extraction of this tek (simmering it in crock pot) have a strong smell? Swim is merely wondering.
Feel free to give swim any tips or changes that you use that gets good yields.
Thank you much!!

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