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Hi, all I am zim from the planet Irk.

Well my main reason for coming here is that I am really interested in DMT and
pharmacology of which i have a degree in.

Some other human who aint me (Probably dib) has been trying for years and years to successfully
enter hyper space, but with no success. Mostly he has been taking MAOI (Moclobemide) with pure DMT.
This always causes him to purge everything back and cancel the trip.

So Dib has been trying the DMT enema, but this also result in becoming very ill dizzy and nauseated.
The trip always results in being canceled as dib ejects the materiel.

Now here is where the pharmacology comes in, dib always thought that the DMT hits the 5-HT3 receptors.
The ones responsible for causing nausea and sickness, so on his research he found a drug called buccastem,
which inhibits the Chemoreceptor trigger zone. Now CTZ is a group of neurotransmitters which control nausea and vomiting,
These neurotransmitters include acetylcholine, dopamine, histamine (H-1 receptor), substance P (NK-1 receptor), and 5-HT (5-HT3 receptor).

On emailing Rick Strassman, dib asked him if buccastem would work in reducing nausea and if it would diminish the effects of the dmt. Rick quickly replied and said he dosent know and as far as he is aware dmt dosent effect 5-ht3 receptors.
He also told dib to be careful, which is understandable as someone in his position cant be giving out advice in case drug interactions cause harm.

So dib is now waiting to try the combo hoping that it will work.
As far as he can see there should be no real drug interactions.
Especially with hypertension and serotonin syndrome, as buccastem inhibits dopamine and some serotonin sites.

Dib has tried smoking the material in the past with some success but he has had many problems with
some sort of oily contamination. Dib guesses he needs to clean up his material more but this is dam tricky.
its all probably down to the quality of plant material.

Dib really want to experience hyperspace, but he dosnt want the physical pain.
He can handle anything psychological that's thrown at him but the negative physical stuff is too horrible.
Dib keeps saying he will never do dmt again, yet he keeps on going back putting him self through hell to get there.
He will sucseed one day.
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