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Rising Star

when all is said and done
nothing has been done
and nothing has been said

where on the surface of a sphere
is rightly middle?
consider thus the breath.
the way it turns in
and the way it gracefully leaves.
where is center's edge?
there is no middle,
because everywhere is middle.

that line echoes in my mind.
it echoes in my mind.

who am i?
where is the middle?
same question these are.

the middle of you is everywhere.
your action is not your own.
the whole blinking cosmos is happening eternally now.
a starwink blinks satori.

inner eye of wisdom open!
wake up wake up wake up!
youre asleep! youre dreaming!
this nightmare is an illusion!
this paradise of permanence isnt real.

there wasnt someone long ago in you that fell asleep. that someone then in you is not the someone in you now. you now are creating the illusion. you right now are choosing to remain asleep. you now are defining yourself in terms of what you did in the past. that past someone is gone. that past someone never existed. because you have become now noone. for only the noone in you transcends time. only the noone in you now exists. insofar as your middle is everywhere, you are noone, exactly because you are in fact everyone. every one a manifestation of the whole system of the universe simultaneously in perfectly harmonious parallel right now. always now.

the only real time you can accord your action with is the present. any action that comes out of time, that is when you are acting from thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future, a feeling of dissonance is experienced within you. and is also noticed by the particularly sensitive beings around you who always know if what you're saying or doing has been premeditated, although how they seem to always know this is totally oblivious to you if thyself you know not. that is - if the present you do not live in. awakened thou are if understanding the truth present here. now is the only time there is.

there is no real distance between the event of the transcription of these thoughts and the event of another consciousness to absorb its message. ideas are timeless. all that is required for their reconstruction is a mind. your mind. how do you know what you know? where do the memories come from? can you really control your mind? of course not. because who are you? where are you? the middle is everywhere. you are therefore everywhere. and everywhere is here, nowhere to be found.

the seeker and the sought is the game. to know all the cheat-codes to existence what have you won? again the boredom. the endless eternal recurrence of boredom. then bang! you surrender your omnipotence. you go to sleep again, to dream once more, because you do not exist in the middle of an infinite continuum of cycles of waking up to know thyself Self and going to sleep to know thyself not-Self, because the only cycle there is is this cycle. in the middle of which is where? where is the beginning of thy breath? when were you born? when will you die? you are unborn and undead.
immortal. whether thy know it or not.

all this fear. all this pain. all this anxiety. you're doing it because deep within you this timeless moment you know you enjoy being bewitched and condemned to your own self created nightmare. what else do you do if you knew for truth the wheel of birth and death? eternity is eternity and cannot be comprehended temporally and therefore intellectually. now really is forever. because that is such, what are you doing here?

when all is said and done
nothing has been done
and nothing has been said
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