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Nothingness and loving donald

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I had my first dmt trip yesterday. The ceremony was conducted by some spiritual folks with lots of experience. My husband went first. He was in pure love and beauty, he ended up looping for 3 hours telling Donald trump he loved him etc which got pretty annoying to be honest. Donald Donald Donald I love you Donald isn't it beautiful, repeat...Then it was my turn. I snorted the powder and it burned. Then everything simply turned off and it's like I was asleep. The few times I came back enough to think, I thought, this isn't working, when will I experience something? And then back to nothing, which wasn't even a sense of nothing but literally being asleep with no thoughts. I have no memory of it other than 2 times I puked. I was told I puked a lot more than that and I was rolling and moving around tons. They had to pick me up and put me back on the mattress dozens of times. Meanwhile my jeans were falling down and my shirt was all riding up and they tried to pull my jeans up for me. This is the visual I'm left with. I was sent to a herbal bath which was scorching hot. The helper told me the water wasn't too hot and left. Maybe she'd had enough of me after all the rolling around. I couldn't lie down for how hot it was. It was hard to figure out the cold water tap in that state. I went back to the nothing, kind of a void. During more awake moments I also remember thinking about my kids and thinking I should not be doing this. I also thought, this was my husband's idea. I tried to be open and wanted to get something out of it but it was not to be. Feeling disappointed with the whole thing and wish I hadn't done it. I've done acid and mushrooms lots of times when I was younger and it was good. I asked about the fact that I had no memory of it and they said the memories would filter back over time. I really don't know what to make of it. What was happening with me when I was rolling and writhing.
Hey Justinejuicer, do you know what dose you had? I suppose its possible you could have had a "blackout/whiteout" dose which many people report not having any memory of after high doses. Maybe try smaller doses and work your way up to 30-40mg if a deep breakthrough is what's desired..
Yes, im in concordance with acacian, you likely overshot the experience. Also, I hope you trust your friends who conducted you through the experience, as in, hoping they are responsible sitters and guides. These things are powerful. Start low. Also, maybe take some time to integrate your experience before returning.

Best :) and please travel safe :thumb_up:
Justinejuicer said:
My husband went first. He was in pure love and beauty, he ended up looping for 3 hours telling Donald trump he loved him etc which got pretty annoying to be honest. Donald Donald Donald I love you Donald isn't it beautiful, repeat...
Haha, awesome. Yes, the world needs more love and less hate. Didn't Jesus say: love your enemy?
form is emptiness said:
Justinejuicer said:
What was happening with me when I was rolling and writhing.

perhaps fighting for presence of mind
mindfully breathing deeply can aid you in engaging the ally
meditation cultivates presence of mind
I'm sorry your first experience went that way, that sounds utterly confusing to say the least. It seems strange to me that a practitioner would supply it in that way, with an intra nasal roa. Just the pain alone. And it does sound possible your dose was way way off.

I am convinced that many of these white shamans are psychopaths, who can only interpret an entheogenic experience in that they had been given some great personal gift and they meant to 'heal', but... They are psychopaths, and can only be attuned to themselves.
Ive got to agree with Null, these spiritual and experienced friends of yours dont seem to be very experienced at all in guiding other peoples' experience.

First of all, snorting dmt is not a very commonly used method, mainly due to the pain it causes and also because the effects can vary a lot between people taking the same dose.

More importantly, leaving someone having a difficult psychedelic experience alone in a bath of water which they feel is too hot is downright dangerous. People have drowned in similar situations.

If you decide to have another go at dmt, please use this forum to learn about extraction, different routes of administration, set and setting. There's probably more collective experience and wisdom here than any individual could ever amass.
if these people left you in a bath alone when you were still pickled then they are clueless idiots.

if you want to keep exploring the Magic then just extract it yourself and do it at home. I agree with null, the more i hear about these so called experts the more it makes me think they're just fraudulant scum bags/deluded psychedelic casualties

stay safe
^^^What null24, ijahdan, 3rdI and Bodhisativa said.

Plus, three hours seems like an awfully long time for snorting - was it even DMT? Although with MAOI it could be extended. Was this some kind of virola resin or yopo thing?
Going to have to echo the above, they sound like quacks, and put you in real danger putting you in a bath when you were in and out of conciousness, really not cool!

Your experience as others have said could have been that of an overdose. Even with vaping if too much is consumed, the tendancy is to have a blackout experience, in which you remember nothing, sounds like what happened to you.

At least you didnt experience complete and utter terror or fear though!

Just curious why was your husband saying I love you trump? did he explain that?
It was about a teaspoon of powder I snorted. I also chewed & swallowed about 1 tablespoon of roots (i think it was ayahuasca vine?) 2 hrs before I had the powder. They called it all medicine.
As my husband explained his trip, he was communing with Donald trump, his stepfather and Isis terrorists, where they were all seeing the beauty and oneness together.
You guys are right about the bath being dangerous. When my husband was in the bath having his Donald loop, towards the end of it he recounted later, he had been trying to drown himself because of an urge to remain and surrender to the bliss he was experiencing. I heard him sputtering and choking. One of our guides had just gone in to try to get him to come out of his trance. I found out later the guide had pulled the plug in the bathtub then. He must have seen my husband holding himself under the water. The guide didn't mention it to me and went outside to smoke an herbal cig.
Not sure if it's possible to drown yourself in a bathtub. This behaviour is startlingly out of character for him.
The woman guide told me she had overseen about 500 ceremonies. The boss man guide I didn't speak to much at all.
Thank you so much for the responses, I've been quite alone processing this and the input is very helpful.
If the people who facilitated this experience are promoting themselves as practitioners, from what you've said OP, perhaps attention should be brought to then so they can be avoided. Before someone gets hurt; doing so might not only be beneficial but the responsible thing to do. You were placed in real danger.

this thread on questionable providers was started by Praxis to help identify these sham-mans.

The job of a practitioner is not just holding space (and collecting cash) but to be prepared for, have experience in dealing with and the ability to mitigate a difficult experience. It bothers me to no end the people who fly a few times and then believe they are prepared pilot jets full of people into hyperspace and (hopefully) back. It's the epitome of egotistical.
It really is possible to drown in a bathtub, especially under the influence of drugs. Heres a link to the erowid page on DM Turner, psychedelic pioneer and researcher. Someone who had plenty of experience with these substances.

this now sounds horrendous, these people are a disgrace, proper scumbags and theyre potentialy gonna kill someone.

please post the name of the people who did this, they need to be known so that others arn't put in danger. It's this kind of thing that not only kills people, which is most important, but also gives psychedelics, and the providers of safe practice, a bad name.

Justinejuicer said:
I've been quite alone processing this and the input is very helpful.
thats the beauty of the nexus, i had absolutely no one who understood these things and when ive landed myself in existential hot waters the folks on here have been a life saver. cheers folks:love: :love: :love:

im very glad you both came though this experience alive and have found somewhere you can get some decent info about this kind of thing.

Name and shame please.
I can't tell if these posts from the OP are trolling posts or not? If not, I apologize. <3

Reiterating what others said, read up, do your own research, extract and/or brew your own. It's by not doing your homework that terrible scenarios like this happen and [as others said] this is how these things get a bad name and/or end up on the evening news.

Take care of yourself and be safe.
I'm very sorry you had to go through this!

It sounds to me you snorted Cebil seeds (type of Yopo, but not the same), which contains 5-MeO-DMT, just like the Bufo Alvarius Toad. The experience is like a void without visuals. As far as I know, this should not be combined with MAOI's.
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