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Nuclear fusion advancements

Migrated topic.
Thanks for the correction Homo Tryptens, I'm actually still learning a lot about internet privacy. I'm trying to actively make time to read off of eff.org and I find the podcasts fascinating. I probably sound really dumb and ironic now that I reread things lol

I find it interesting that we have a lot of people here who have such an in-depth knowledge over energy physics. I think there's an urgency we face to the existential threat that climate change and nuclear proliferation poses and I strongly believe that we have to reduce emissions and transition into renewable energy as well as disarm our nuclear arsenal. I'm particularly worried about mass extinction and/or nuclear war. It would be very easy for any given country to make an honest mistake, miscalculated judgement, or for tensions to boil over into nuclear war. I really believe what we can do is more conventional and performable by tools that we have today like divesting money out of a bank that finances new developments into oil and gas and transitioning into solar and wind power in places like the United States where we have a lot of mass consumption. And once again I strongly feel that ending war can greatly reduce emissions along with hosting the benefits of having a less violent world

U.N. Warns “Climate Time Bomb Is Ticking” as Cyclone Freddy Death Toll Tops 560 in Malawi & Mozambique

I'm sharing two links from DN; one on divesting money out of fossil fuel finance and the other the UN calling for immediate and drastic cuts to green house gases both were from yesterday's show
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