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october 5th Cactus SHE


october 5th!

thats right boys and girls! its time to annualy dip into the depths of learning and come back more evolved

im interested to see if anyone else will join me this time around, im so very excited to do another three feet.

i thought id share my plans ahead of time so others may join in.

mews apologies however he didnt even think of announcing it until yesterday

there will be more to come but since its been on mews calendar for a while he felt obliged to share the date. if no one else participates itll just be a HE. in the future mew will consider the SHE section when he decides on the time
after some reconsideration i may post pone this a week or two to give everyone a chance to get in on it, so how does
5-6th october sound?
i just got back from another 3 foot adventure, soo unique...

anyway i got a gram of fumarate ready for friday!!!!
" the kick is up, and.... its good! "

mew is favoring fumarates over hcl these days
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