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Ode to John Lilly

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Rising Star
In the province of the mind,

what one believes, is true, or not true, within limits to be determined;
experiencially, and experimentally.

These limits are further beliefs, yet to be trancended.

In the province of the mind; there are no limits!

I love john lilly..he was facinating..a bit of a ket fiend for a while but I have respect for what he was about and the miles he logged..

Im rading centre of the cyclone but I want some other of his books.
Yeah, he's a scientist all through. Documenting his failures as well as successes with equal truthfulness.

Have you read, "Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer"?

It's a fascinating perspective for setting intent when under the inflence of ethnogenic allies.

A kind of method to eliminate all obstacles to a skilled jouney.
only parts of it online..but i want to read all of his stuff..
Its becasue of him that I want to one day try ketamine..but done properly..with pure stuff and in the right environment..

I am reluctant though because of the way people abuse it in our culture..using it in a totally different way
fractal enchantment said:
thanks mv:d

Yes cyclone is a good book indeed.

Its about forty years old now so it is a bit out of date but it is a excellent story of one mans journey and interpretation of the psychedelic experience. Its not a reference book but there is much to be learned reading between the lines. It may seem over the top and far out in many places and indeed it is but these thoughts are part of the psychedelic experience. It also has lots of real psychological information and this is exactly why I wish more people with proper education would become interested in psychedelics they have much to offer and expedite learning on any subject. We have know they are powerful and life changing for quite some time but with the exception of a few scientific breakthroughs most folks utilize them to study metaphysics on a personnel level which is fine.

Because of this fact we have barley scratched the surface personnel growth is a great thing with out a doubt I am embrace it but a real breakthru will benefit all of humanity. Something like the discovery of DNA which was inspired by a LSD experience, now thats what I am talking about. I just wish I had found the time for a formal college education maybe I still can.

Bummer, looks like Center of the Cyclone has been deleted from the free page listing it. Hopefully it can be found elsewhere on the interwebs.
Mitakuye Oyasin said:
Bummer, looks like Center of the Cyclone has been deleted from the free page listing it. Hopefully it can be found elsewhere on the interwebs.
If it's not out there somewhere I'll have to scan in my paper copy. Urgh.
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