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Oh Beautiful light

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Rising Star
Hello fellow hyperspace travelers! After seven attempts I was finally able to breakthrough. I entered to an extremely tranquil world, where I was at absolute peace. Every other attempt before this was definitely trippy, but this experience was different. It left me with a feeling of wonder, awe and most importantly left me feeling very loved (strangely). At one point I was even sitting besides myself in my own mind, its very hard to explain. But the best part of the trip was the brilliant, purple flowing curtain. It was in the presence of this entity that I felt true peace/love, everything ceased around me, and everything was going to be alright. This brilliant purple curtain of beautiful flowing energy was also allowing me to peak around to the other side, where I saw an overwhelmingly bright light that was pretty quickly obscured again. The rest is a bit fuzzy but I know I was brought back to Earth in a very pleasant manner and was left with a beautiful afterglow with a better outlook on life in general.
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