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Oil Carrier or Extraction?

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I read somewhere about warming up olive oil and steeping plant material in it (like mushrooms for instance) then rubbing the oil on your forehead/temples to achieve results (something like what the middle ages witches did with Datura). Does anybody have any experience/info about this? Maybe Emu Oil, DMSO, or d-limonene would work better as a carrier? Do you think this would work soaking freebase DMT in the carrier? Can DMT be extracted from plant material just by infusing oil, DMSO, or d-limonene with it or would there have to be some extra steps?

Very interested,
I’d like to find out more about method.

Would a freebase DMT infused oil work?

How about infusing the oil with the dried plant material . . . would it then contain DMT?

Any suggestions about technique? Dose?

Come on now all you chemists and tech-heads . . . let’s get a list going of :

1) fat soluble compounds and the plants that contain them,
2) simple methods for extracting said compounds from said plants,
3) the solubility and saturation of said compounds in various fat based carriers, and
4) dose information via transdermal absorption.

Lets get this thing started and keep a running list of our info, research & development, and of course personal experiences.
you can just extract spice with ethanol, however you'd be left with a very crude mixture. i have been wondering doing this, if jungle spice works so well why not just try ethanol, you'd end up with a lot more polar impurities but they might not make any difference. potential one step extraction. or dissolving the stuff in alcohol and maybe put that on your skin hehe. however that and limonene both dry out or irritate your skin.

however i don't know anything about how easily spice would cross your skin into your blood from an oily mixture. theres more efficient ways of getting it in there.

spice dissolves very well in alcohol and d-limonene.
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