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Ok. SWIM is total noob still with all of this stuff

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So SWIM is gonna buy the Psychotria Viridis plant. She wants to take it orally (make tea of it) but like she heard then to orally activate the DMT in the tea, You need tetrahydroharmine. So what is needed to do?

SWIM will buy the plant and tetrahydroharmine. What next? She will pick the leafs from the plant and then she will put those leafs into the hot tea water and then put some tetrahydroharmine in and drink it? Or is it more complicated process?

Also is it better to drink it or smoke it? She heard that when you drink it then it lasts longer and it gives more powerful experience. How to smoke it? Do she need to dry the Psychotria Viridis leafs til they dry enough and then just make a joint out of it?
nobody is born knowing these things, making a thread and asking these questions is a good thing. Its important to be informed when having these experiences.

for dmt (the active ingredient in psychotria viridis) to be active orally, yes you need to take something together that inhibits an enzyme (MAO) which destroys the dmt in your guts. Since it Inhibits the MAO, its called a MAOI. In ayahuasca, the psychotria viridis is cooked with a vine, banisteriopsis caapi, which has a mixture of 3 MAOIs: Harmine, Harmaline and Tetrahydroharmine. 50g of caapi is a dose of MAOI. Also, any of those active principles I just mentioned, when taken separately. alone also work as a MAOI. The seeds of another plant, Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) also have harmaline and harmine, so they can be used (3g of seeds).

I dont remember off the top of my head the dosage of harmine/harmaline/tetrahydroharmine by themselves, I think its generally around 200mg but someone here will tell better (or search the forum and you'll find)

In ayahuasca the vine and psychotria viridis are boiled together for a certain amount of time (some people do half an hour, others for hours and hours..), then pour off the water and keep it, add more water to the solids and boil again for same amount of time, and do this one more time, for a total of 3 times.. Then put the liquid together and throw away the solids, and on low fire boil down the liquid to a smaller amount (maybe 100mls per dose).

If using syrian rue, generally its recommended to boil it separately, drinking it half an hour before the psychotria viridis (also should be cooked same way). The same is true for taking the pure MAOIs, which are generally taken half an hour before the dmt-containing preparation. For the pure MAOIs, one could redissolve it in a bit of acidified (with a bit of lemon juice for example) warm water and then drink it.

as for smoking/drinking, each has its own characteristics. but one cannot smoke the psychotria leaves, one would have to extract the active principle, dmt, and then smoke the crystals in a bong, sandwiched between some herbs or just ashes. To extract there are several techniques, the easiest being an STB (straight-to-base). One needs a few chemicals but its not complicated, as long as one takes the safety precautions.

SWIM enjoys both smoking and taking orally. Did SWIY ever trip on something else (acid, mushrooms, mescaline)? SWIM wants to know because an explanation of what the trips are like depend if SWIY had psychedelic experiences and then SWIM can use a certain language with him, and if not, he has to adapt his words also
No. SWIM hasn't never had any Psychedelic trip but she is been reading A LOT about DMT trips etc long time now and she wants to experience this crazy shit like what world really is about, trips to in another dimension etc. But SWIM heard that drinking ayauascha can be VERY VERY dangerous, so is there safer way to consume DMT from the Psychotria viridis besides making ayauascha from it? Only extracting it and then smoking?
Fearless99 said:
No. SWIM hasn't never had any Psychedelic trip but she is been reading A LOT about DMT trips etc long time now and she wants to experience this crazy shit like what world really is about, trips to in another dimension etc. But SWIM heard that drinking ayauascha can be VERY VERY dangerous, so is there safer way to consume DMT from the Psychotria viridis besides making ayauascha from it?

Yes extracting it out & smoking it.

Be careful & be sure to read ALOT about it first..

There are a bunch of extraction threads and people to help with that here ;]
Why do you say drinking ayahuasca is very very dangerous? Its important to check your sources and not believe word of mouth. Theres a sticky thread in the information forum here with scientific articles about these substances. Let me give you a highlight of some main points:

physically, ayahuasca is very safe. You could not physically drink enough to be in danger even if you forced yourself. It is much less toxic than many things people use all the time like alcohol, caffeine, paracetamol, aspirin, etc. There has been no death directly caused by these substances. There are 3 'risks' which we can talk about and its important to have them in mind when thinking about having any psychedelic experience:

1-Dangerous behaviour/unaware of surroundings
2- Psychological difficulty
3-medication interaction

One may lose the ability to discern in the normal consensual reality. Specially with smoked dmt, it may be that you have no awareness of your surroundings at all and are totally experiencing something out of this realm. So common sense will already tell you but: dont smoke near a cliff, next to a tall window, with sharp objects around you, driving, etc.

Specially for the first trip, it would be a good idea to have someone 'trip-sit' you, a person that knows you have taken something and can help you if you are in need, be the bridge to the normal reality. This can be of help if you are quite unaware of surroundings, and need some water, or are cold, or so that you dont fall down and hurt yourself, or just need someone to be there for you and support you.

Psychedelic experiences are like a roller-coaster of feelings and thoughts and realizations. It takes a lot from someone. Just like in roller-coasters it says that people with heart problems should not ride, also, with psychedelics, a person for whom a very intense psychological experience can be a bad thing (psychotics or those with latent history of psychosis in the family, those mentally fragile in general, etc) should not or should be very careful about partaking this experience. It is important to have a good intention towards the whole thing, to be in a peaceful place and state of mind, and be able to dedicate oneself to the experience, without many 'unfinished business' lingering around in the mind.

Lastly, the medication interactions, one should not be taking anti-depressive medication like prozac or others, because they increase the amount of serotonine in the synapses, but the MAOIs destroy serotonine so this means there is an even bigger increase of the serotonine, which can lead to a serotonine syndrome (which can mean from discomfort to even death in the most serious cases). The MAOIs by themselves are not dangerous and cannot cause this, but mixing these medications with it can.
the only thing that worries me with Auya is the chance of chocking on your own puke, maybe you passed out or something..& the purg comes along..

thats where a sitter comes inn, otherwise i usually prefer to be alone with all other drugs.
If this is going to be your first psychedelic experience I recomend that you have a sitter no matter what. Try to get someone who has multiple psychedelic experiences if you can. If you can't get that, then a very close and trusted friend will do just fine.
Definately smoke it Fearless99. There is a very important reason, you can't mess yourself up and scare yourself off it as easily. If you create a concoction you take orally, you could really mess up if you don't know what your doing. That's because you could get the dose all wrong, and once you take it, you've done it, and you don't know what your getting yourself into. Ontop of that you could get allot of nausea also. You could get really sick and scare yourself really badly. But if you smoke it, you won't get sick and the effects begin immediately, and conclude quickly also, so you don't have to worry about getting yourself to far into something that you don't realize what your doing. Smoke some DMT by itself, don't combine it with an inhibitor until you find out more about it, and you've fellt it's effects yourself.
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