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old bark low yield or sloppy extraction?

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hi nexians :)
swim was doing a regular a/b with josh isom tek and its about the 10 time that he extract with hes tek, but now he yield are much lower then before he only got about 3-4 grams of spice from 1 kilo of acacia.
this acacia was bought before a year and its been frized and thaw 3 times just after buying, so its lay on the shelve for a year after the cells break.

before a year he order faw bags of acacia and only use one with great result and now after a year he use onother bag from same order and having a low yield.

so what do think? can the low yield be because the cells breaking and laying for a year?
or swim just done a sloppy job?
Please take some time to read and review this.

Bark can vary wildly in alkaloid content for various reasons. I've kept bark for years and had no loss in yield. It just depends.
swim knows old bark is ok after some years, its not the point.
the point is if one freezing and thawing bark which break the cells of the bark and then leave it for year or so if now the alkaloids will degrade?. its not same thing like just put bark in a closet for a year
Ok, I need to clarify some things:

When you asked this same question here, you mentioned that the bark was in an airtight, sealed bag. If the bark is already dry, there won't be much cell lysis happening anyway. Many people add a bit of water to the dry bark to help rehydrate it, then freeze and thaw. As mentioned in the quote below, it can only break apart cells in the plant material when water is present.

-So, if it was in a sealed bag stored at room temp or freezer temp, there should be no significant change in alkaloid content.
-Even if you turned the bark into an ice block by adding water and have stored it in the freezer, it should be okay.
-If you added water, froze and thawed a few times, and then left it out at room temp for a long time, I'd be worried about the excess moisture growing mold or some other microorganisms.

As far as I know, the freeze-thaw process should not affect total alkaloid content. It is likely some other factor. Even when it comes from the same place, it usually will not have the same alkaloid content. Alkaloid content is affected by many things such as rainfall, harvest time, and harvest methods. I've had extractions range from 0.5%-2.0% from the same batch of bark. So like I mentioned before...

It just depends...

Parshvik Chintan said:
well.. freezing only lyses cells (afaik) when water is involved, specifically when the plant material is fresh. because the vacuoles of the cell are filled with water, which when frozen will expand and rupture the cell walls.

you could probably do the same by adding enough water to moisten the bark, and then freezing that.

idk how good a tree bark ice cube would be for long term storage, but i can't see why it would be any different then dry (since the water is frozen).
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Ahh swim didnt know that the cell breaks because of water expanding, its now makes lot of sence!
thank you for the detail explanetion and for sharing your expirience friend :thumb_up:
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