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Exp. Report Old friend, who are you?

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Hello everyone! I've been lurking in the shadows of the Nexus (sans account) for years and have finally found the time, patience, and physical space to perform my very first extraction which went swimmingly šŸ˜

I have now experienced DMT 4 times, the last 2 of which I met an entity! I am sure it was the same entity both times as one would be sure of something in a dream. I feel as though this entity and I have been best friends forever and have at last been reunited.

The first time I saw them I was physically slumped over my knees in a kneeling position, eyes closed. They looked like a vaguely humanoid mass of purple red and orange cloth (perhaps a result of my mood lighting), ever flowing and shifting forms while remaining very present. They noticed me, shifted to the shape of a large human silhouette made of domes and gave me the warmest most comforting hug I've ever known. It truly felt like home and I nearly cried. The trip ended with them showing me something. No secret of the universe or anything like that, just showing me a cool trick they could do with their body. It was beautiful.

The next time I saw them was just about 30 minutes ago, eyes closed and flat on my back, and this time they were more of a loose floating ball of flowing cloth with elegant sash-like hands. It felt like seeing a best friend of countless years again. They started showing me something and this time it looked like a glove show with hand made of silk ribbons. As I watched I became full of joy, my body became hot and I became aroused and excited. It was a physically sexual and very wholesome feeling while also kind. As I kept watching, the feeling grew and grew until I experienced what I can only describe as a spiritual orgasm. I felt electric heat course through my body and release upwards and outward through every gap of empty space in the fiber of my being. I felt pure excitement and unbridled joy, I was so happy to have met this entity and so grateful that we found each other. As the trip was ending they made a funny tongue flicking motion like someone miming cunnilingus that we both thought was hilarious. As I opened my eyes I returned the motion with my own tongue and closed my eyes to see if they had seen but they were already gone and all the visual effects were quickly diminishing. I was left with with the overwhelming sense of childlike joy of meeting a new friend coupled with a sense of ancient friendship and reverence, I hope I get to keep seeing them.

I love my new old timeless friend, I hope they show me all sorts of cool stuff and maybe we'll even spend eternity together when I eventually take my dirt nap. Or maybe this is just one of countless entities I will meet in my journeys.

Thanks for taking the time!

Does any one else know a friendly entity like this?
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Hey man glad to hear your report and that you had a successful extraction and that things went well there.

I too have had the pleasure of making my own dmt and sitting in my room countless days browsing the web of fascination at my own will. I will say I find sexuality to be a very large underpinning of the experience of dmt that intertwines both the masculine and feminine energies of course through the sexual union, in some ways this is similar to my experience with LSD.

I know exactly what you are talking about when you say ancient friends and souls/spirits from the past that you felt like you since forever. It's crazy how you can go on earth and meet all these people and never really have any real connection, at least in my experience, and take a few hits of this stuff and have the most intimate relationship and experience with all sorts of benevolent beings. Crazy! I love it though, and I cherish that, our real true friends, always glad to see us. If I could I would probably sit on an altar for all of time smoking this stuff just to be out there feeling and loving that awesomeness that goes on out there.

I had a similar experience last week, ended up meeting a similarly beloved character, female spirit, who had been waiting for me, the moment I breakthrough I was in her presence and going straight to her. It seems she had lots to show me and I was needing lots of what she had to offer. It felt kindred, very satisfying on a spiritual level, like I had accomplished lifetimes of needs in one moment by reuniting with her.

And of course later on I was with other unnamed spiritless entities who just were helping me, like workers of the great spirit just there to help support my progress. So cool dude, all of those guys.

I had a trip report I made too if you want to go check it out - it was with an MAOI, however.

Cheers and happy travels, be safe and take it all in stride!! Love!

Welcome to the Nexus and congratulations on your successful extraction. I always love reading that, :D.

That was a very interesting report and I enjoyed reading it. I don't think I've ever gone to the same place or met the same entity twice in there but even when it is at it's most alien there is a palpable sense of deja vu and going home. So very, wonderfully, DMT.

You are on an exciting adventure and I look forward with eager anticipation to reading any further experiences you may wish to share.

Again, a very warm welcome to you, :D.
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