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omg bufo bufo yay - experience.

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Finally after a lot of pain and discomfort iv managed to almost fully breakthru on bufo.

Firstly - on how the bufo was made - you can skip it if your not interested.


The freebase bufo from the nosmell tek was disolved in ipa, then naptha was added until some gunk fell

out, the solution was decanted - this prouct will be referred to as b1

More naptha was added and a lighter gunk and some oil precipped so it was time to move it to another

vessel again. - this product is b2

The solution was heated and loads more naptha was added, this was left overnight to evap most of the

way and this yeilded some amber hard xtally stuff. - b3

The solution was decanted and evapped to dryness leaving behind a solid black substance. - b4


Last night 6mg of b4 was tried - it caused major nausea and bad head pressure - with some mild


Today - 2mg of b3 was tried - instantly i felt it but with no bad side effects so 2 more balls of 2mg

were smoked after the next few minutes.

The effects were nothing short of amazing.

Firstly there were no bad side effects at all - even tho the product dried to black.
It was vaped well and quickly - it tastes very very simmilar to spice but the vapour is a bit heavier

- as in one cant smoke quite as much (mg) per puff. The technique for smoking has been mastered - a

torch lighter and a steamroller was used.

On clearing my mind of all thought i saw a huge stingray floating or flying in front of me, it swam

all around me, then swam off and that part of the experience was over.

A few moments later the next part of the experience started.

I saw a dark figure, a man writing something on a peice of paper - he walked past me and showed me the

peice of paper - because i still smoke copious amounts of ganja - i couldnt read what it said.

Amoungst all the dancing colors i noticed a sudden bright clear spot - deffinatly more in focus than

anything else - but it seemed like it would dissapear at any moment so i quickly jumped into it.

It tipped upwards like a can - and i was in it - almost like a cylinder shape.
This shape suddenly became exactly like a slinky, the top jumped up and to the side and landed in a

dimension impossible to reach otherwize - the bottom and me was to follow, dropping me in a very

strange landscape.

I looked around me - the horizon was in focus - the sky was made of green strings - woven over like

mandala style - the ground was the same in design but made from pink strings.
There was a stone entity there that engaged in telepathic conversation with me - he showed me a very

difficult yoga move and helped me to review my diet.

I moved to a darker area - and again dropped into the visual state.
I was looking down a funnel web spiders hole - but with no web - but rather brown sticks in the same


There was a dark shape of me in a meditative position hovering infront of me.
I moved thru my body feeling for ailments and moving energy to the correct areas to fix em.

The after effects lasted a very long time and are still going on after writing this.
Very colorfull - lots of movement - i love it and i feel i will be working with bufo probably more

than anything else now.
I cant wait for tonight - to add some harmalas and up the dose a bit.
awe... some... I dig it, really really dig it, very inspiring for me - and I like how you had such a clear recollection of everything which is kinda rare in these sorta reports.
i haha - i came out and very quicky jotted down keywords as i knew it may be fleeting - i wrote this report from those keywords - if i had not written them down and waited like 10 more mins - this report would not be possible.

Wow, I can't wait to try bufo. I know there will be nausea, vasoconstriction, etc and that it takes a couple of tries . . . I'm ready.

I was very impressed with your statement that you moved through your body and used energy to correct ailments. :d Now that's good medicine!

Peace & Love,
NICE! And congratualations on a really successfull bufo journey. Seems like they really want to give you information in bufo space. I've been showed documents, scrolls and cards on numerous occations. To bad they are quite hard to make something out of.

At last I've found inpiration to write down my latest journey. It was a couple of months ago tho, so it may be a bit cacky. But what the heck it was an interesting exp.

WOOHOO!!!! THAT'S MY LITTLE BROTHER!! so happy to hear you have had success with the mysterious bufotenine my dear friend. it's amazing medicine, eh?

and how's that aya work coming? ;)

Phlux- said:
The solution was heated and loads more naptha was added, this was left overnight to evap most of the

way and this yeilded some amber hard xtally stuff. - b3

The solution was decanted and evapped to dryness leaving behind a solid black substance. - b4

Why did you heat the solution?

And what is "The solution" that you used to make b4 ?
b2? or...

you said "this was left overnight to evap most of the way",
so it's like you evapped about 85% of the ipa/naptha mix(b3),
then decanted and evapped 15% and got the b4?

If this is the case, you proved that bufo from the nosmell tek
which uses two solvents to purify still contains toxins,
and you purified one step further the yield from the nosmell tek!
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