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OMG: It makes only "zeeeeep" and I was inside the sun. Teleportation?

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Ram Dazz

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did you ever experience teleportation when you are smoking DMT?

I was sitting in the sun and try to learn how use my new GVG. Till now these attempts were not very successful.
I wasted a lot of spice the last days...

The payload was 30 mg and I made 2 take. And then it made "zeeeeeeeeep" and I was inside the sun. A place unbeliveable.
Sorry that I don't try to describe it...it is not possible. The sun itself wasn't a typical DMT environment, it was real!

The acceleration was from zero to light speed, so fast that the world around me bend like a gummi wall. No sound, no warning,
no strange feeling in the stomach, just an other place.

I smoke DMT over a year with the help of a volcano but the GVG is a game changer. Taking DMT in just one/two take is
total different than making 8 to 12 takes. What a power.

When I was back I was hungry like a wolf. (Also strange for me)

* Did you ever experience Teleportation?
* Is GVG really so strong?
* Is more possible? What will happen with 50 mg?
* Do prefer sunny place or dark place when smoking DMT? Personally I like the sunshine it gives my clear DMT visions.

Friends, let me say THANK YOU for your advice to use a GVG.

Thx, thx, thx, thx...
Im still trying to figure out my gvg, last attempt was 25mg (the most so far) and got the effects of 10mg. Kinda sad was from a new batch of acrb and was really excited about it. Ive had amazing adventures from >20. Couldn't imagine 50 if i did it right!
Because every one here swears by the GVG i ordered mine just a couple of minutes ago.I have tried the machine without a breakthrough(maybe the technique was bad) and a sub breakthrough with e-liquid.Anyway i too feel hungry after every trip.
I hope and think i will have stellar experiences with the GVG.
Sendokon , Dragon90,

Keep on trying the experience is like the difference between Cannabis and LSD. The GVG is like Cannabis smoking.
No I'm kidding....

I use an old liquid pad from my volcano but you have to cut it down to a third of the original volume.

Also dropping DMT on the ceramic filter works. The other trick is strong heating without burning.

I will continue with 30mg.

Let me/us know when you are successful.

Went 25, instantly to a cubed room with a being in the center. To the left and right of him was spinning clockwise geometry and above/and behind him was somthing similar to the ceiling picture. Orange, red, and yellow made up most of the colors as far as i can recall. Opened my eyes and closed again- jumped to being surrounded by blue skinned unclothed women.
That room ive seen once before and the figure also. Exactly as before. It took about 1.5-2 hours after to feel normal which was odd to me ussualy after 15-20mins after im good.


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@sendokon: Sounds good.
...one thing is surprising for me...beings in the DMT realms.
When I take DMT I see wonderful, wunderful places, but this places are empty...only me.
"Whats wrong with me?" (No, I'm kidding)

I wish I could med some nice beings there.
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