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oral dmt question

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My anemone got some harmaline tincture from the net,
and she's planning to take it with some dmt soon,
but we were wondering how much harmaline to use
since most people use '????g syrian rue seed' as measurement.

how much harmala alkaloid would you recommend (in mg) for
100 mg dmt
150 mg "
200 mg "


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Hello kaos.underwave,

You have to see it like this:
The amount of Reu you take results in the LENGTH of the experience.
The amount of DMT you take results in how far you breakthrough.

If you are new to Pharmahausca I would say take 100mg of DMT.
Normally people take about 3.5g of Rue which results in 200mg of active harmine.

Last time I took 3g of Rue, did an egg-white tannin removal on it and that resulted in about 3 hours of travel. I took it with 170mg of DMT but that is considered A LOT, so stick with the 100mg to begin with.
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