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Out of Body Experience, a "secret key"

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I wrote the following report and wanted to hear your opinion about it. What does the "secret key" offered without price and the symbol of a snake on a pyramid tell you?


This night I had an OBE using WILD. The physical exit sensations were relatively mild and after the exit I found myself in the loft I slept in. It is one big room with a very high ceiling and my bed rests on top of the walkable garderobe. Unlike in many other OBEs, my body was solid and I had to make several RCs to be sure about it being an OBE/LD. When I was, I simply jumped down the two meters to the lower room floor and landed softly on my feet. The room looked exactly as I could recall it from consensus reality (CR), the blinds of the balcony doors were down and it was dark outside. I turned on the light, which worked perfectly with the usual short delay and increasing brightness of power saving gas lamps. First I checked my limitations, trying to evoke something I imagined. No matter how, it didn't work. It seems the "closer" I am to CR, the less extraordinary powers I possess.

In most OBEs, I am invisible to beings I encounter, but I wasn't sure about it this time. I took a look at the mirror and it displayed my body, dressed in the cloth trousers I went to bed with. I opened the door leading to the corridor and found two neighbours talking to each other about something concerning the building. They looked at me and I greeted them to which they briefly responded before getting back to the discussion they had. Knowing I was visible, I went back in and put on a top, then went out again. The two were still discussing and another neighbour joined in. The corridor is very long in CR, but it was separated by a wall with a door in it now and stairs led upwards where in CR there are none. Probably I was getting further away from CR.

I wanted to try something with the neighbours, so I asked them: "Don't you notice something special about this situation?" They looked at me but did not understand what I meant. One said: "What do you mean 'special'?" I held my nose and breathed through it. "Try that.", I said, "Isn't it strange you can breathe through your shut nose?" They did try it and became confused, unable to grasp what it means. I noticed the surface of the "extra" wall had changed and pointed at it. "Did you see that?", I asked them, "It was completely different just a moment ago." The door opened and I saw a slim old man with grayish hair and a gray-black full beard signaling me to come over. "They don't know about such things.", he told me and I left them behind in confusion to follow the old man. He emanated an aura of calmness, wisdom and authority and somehow it made me feel special to be at his side.

We strolled through a nightly city that was strangely familiar yet completely unknown to me. The buildings looked old but clean and the narrow alleys between them were unregular, like the place was built on hills without leveling the ground first. There were no signs of roads or cars. From the many glass windows, warm orange-yellow light shone into the streets dipping the whole city in radiant gold. The place was busy, numerous shops and street merchants offered their wares, most of it luxury goods and like us, many other persons were strolling along. It was a pleasant and homey atmosphere. While we walked, the old man told me a few things I can not recall, no matter how hard I try, but I do recall a codeword he gave me that sounds like an user account - I'm not giving it to you though.

My companion seemed to know his way around and I kept to his right side thinking about something to say. I told him that I never had such a vivid and extensive experience before.* He just nodded. Then I asked the one question that was at the top of my agenda for weeks: "How can I become lucid more easily?"** At that moment we were walking down a stairway that led through a roofed passage which accommodated several sales booths. He was gone. As I turned around left to look for him I catched a glimpse of some trinkets presented in a glass display case at the exit of the passage and one price tag read "0". I wondered about it and took a closer view. It was a strange little pendant, probably made out of silver that has been strongly tarnished, looking almost black. Below it, there was a little handwritten sign reading: "secret key". It reminded me of a snake on a pyramid, but I couldn't make out what exactly it resembled. I turned right to the merchant to ask him what it is and why it is offered without price. At that moment everything turned grey and hazy and no matter how hard I clawed at my vision, it slipped away and I woke up.

A RC confirmed I was back in CR. I guess I was given an answer to my question in a way I hadn't expected.

I think I remember that old man from another OBE when he told me: "To help people, one has to care for the wanderers." The city reminded me of one that I went to in another LD after witnessing the sun implode next to a red moon, an event that repeated many months later in a different situation.

* Actually I did several RCs during the course of the experience just to confirm the situation and spent at least five minutes alone to orient myself in the loft. All the time I wondered if I could wake up because nothing I did - not even doing nothing - affected the quality of the world I was in.
** I guess I already have a good frequency of OBEs/LDs, yet it is tedious to induce them and takes a lot of discipline, which makes failure the more frustrating. I want to be lucid anytime I sleep, that's my declared objective.

EDIT: I now remember something he was telling me about when we walked through the city. He said I have to learn how to shield my mind and demonstrated this by depicting my thoughts. He wasn't exactly correct with what he received, but he caught the tendency, even though there were a few pieces of thought he completely misunderstood.
wow, dude that sounds like quite an amazing experience you had there. I have small lucid dreams and WILDS often (ive had sleep paralysis all my life), but they never last very long. When I WILD I become concious of the electrical buzzing in my body and it usually overwealms me and I get to a point where I wake myself up just before I am fully immersed, or lose conciousness and jsut begain to dream normally..

When you WILD do you experience the paralization, and the strange buzzing?? for me its like a tryptamine buzz but far more physical and frightening..
fractal enchantment said:
When you WILD do you experience the paralization, and the strange buzzing??

Paralysis no, only woke up paralyzed once not having an OBE years ago. I had vibration effects in all ranges of intensity - once it even felt like electrocution, but it seems that doesn't occur anymore. What I still feel is a sensation of bodily distortion, but the intensity seems to decrease with each experience as well. I'm currently having about 2 to 6 OBEs/LDs per week, most are pretty short and irrelevant though, but they help you to get used to all kinds of extraordinary sensations and at some point you simply stop getting excited anymore. Actually I now enjoy the exit phase, it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride or a Sage experience.
ya, always reminds me of the sage. The thing is, I LOVE salvia. The salvia exit doesnt freak me out, it used to but now I like the sensations. The buzzing is worse with natural OBE's, I get OBE's alot, probabily once a night usually, but only like 20 seconds long. I get AMAZING visuals, its more like being sucked conciousily into a lucid dream, but there is this in between stage wher my ego fights until I wake my body. Gotta kill that damn ego I guess :?
last night I swear to god I must have remote viewed or something. I had worked 10 hours durrign the day, and was tired. I smoked a hit of cannabis about 30 minutes before I went to bed. As I was lying in bed, suddenly it was like a veil lifted from my inner vision, and a scene appeared. It was a street from the city I live in. I could see people out walking, crossing the street, cars driving along etc. It was all VERY real, not visuals, but a vision..something of the clarity I would expent froma good deep aya trance or psilocybin vision, but quite mundane in the content of the vision, like I was just viewing this particular part of the city and its inhabitnats from a distance. Also in the vision it was daytime..so some time distortion would have to be possible if this was remote viewing. I watched the scene until some uncomfortable sleep paralysis vibrations set in, washing over me like waves..they bring me in deeper, but also overwhelm me...
SWIM has been having weird visions too..he will be half asleep..and be doing something with some friends..just to twitch a bit and open his eyes..just to find hes still laying in bed..
last night I had a really cool string of dreams..All in this magical type land. I knew that I had traveled there from my normal life in some magical way. Things there did not work like they do here, like I could open a door to some secret room and it could encompas another world. All of this seemed to exist in one small town. There was also some sort of psychedelic sacrament that I ate with them. my friend was there with me at parts of it, and near the end I was doing something(cant remember what) with some sort of magical/scientific genious type of guy(sort of bill nye-esque:)), and he was showing me all of these crazy things before I woke up...
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