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Rising Star
A journey report with some consciousness exploration

These are from days i was walkin about the the trees

I noticed
for exmaple

ill take an exmaple to play along with

So a person takes for himself a concept lets call it ?
a challange ?
some thing to rise above

hard to find the right word
maybe with fantasy themes

a dragon to tame

So he takes this concept

and he walks with it around the trees
Then you can reach a place
As wandering on an about in mind space
Where suddenly
lets say the road is blocked by a bush shrub

So i awesome its like this bush shrub is blockin the way
and i wandered off road cause it blocked the road
then i was walkin about for a bit
till i realised im off road cause i was blocked by that bush
and its actually quite easy to just figure a way to pass it

now thing is
i was actually all the road walkin in mind space
in a diffrent place
where what ever was blockin the way
was something diffrent entirely

for example
it could of been an argument with a bank teller on a phone
or a boss fight in a video game im channeling trough cause its in my possible future days

thats what i have to say about that video of that boxer who was talkin about
how the match is won days befor even stepping into the arena

cause its actually is takin place days befor
its nothing to do with train well morale story
he was litterally saying
that the match took place days befor

moving on from that
if you recall the trip report i left

about the trap dimensional play
where there was a nail on a card board on the floor
and doing stare and focus
to try and see trough the veil a bit
was a shadowy figure of a small dog
and there was some animal hiding in the bushes

and as i looked and said that look like a trap
i walked to my sitting place and there was that peice of card board with a nail on it

and i was baballing on a bit about
what was real there

the shadowy dog figure and animal in the bush a tell about the nail
and a manifastation of that nail in the cardboard
or was there really an animal there
and the card board with the nail was a tell about that

i aint sure whats what
i geuss i can just agree were multi dimensional beings

now about that
how is it possible i was manifesting and channeling the argument experience here i posted
while walking around about in the street

well ive been exploring around in the graffiti and street art space
and i found from seeing how some grafs
or wall arts

have some more power and presence linked to them in their image
and i think its partly from transferin power to them
by the seer power of starin at them
or by activating them using focus stare
i love how they completly transform and shift all around

so what i am saying with this
is that i would say its like makin a connection or passing some life force into a specific
image/graf rune / tag /ect /ect
so the same is probably with digital screens
its how were able to swim in the digital space and channel trough it whats about to be
its cause were partly there in some strange way

telepathy ?
well heres a few words about the entiti known as netflix

its a lovly holographic figure
that like many others
can wear the person who chooses to use its services
and help create special tv scenes that connect more with the person
for me is mostly by questioning my intent about things
and then it shows up in a tv series im watching

reddit should be renamed to re-do-dots
i cant even click on that website
its like calling space rocket engenieer crew
to find some words n phrases that were said
and connect them with dots to reorganize them for a message

id unsubscribe from it as soon as possible

whats with these digital presences scanning us to write about ????

leaving that aside

i was gifted with some local mythologies and some culture
for speakin so much about where is it i geuss

seem to be playing a big part
i would say when they are all howling

its like they are letting us know someone returned/went
or there is a place to pass to another realm

it seems to be the reason
where i lived for a while they wont shoot the coyotes
they even buy antidotes for their rabies
unlike other places not too far away

the boars seem to be keepers of negative energies
they seem to show up when there is a spiritual attack
bein made or arriving to
while being in the woods

im not sure still what part they play in it
they might just not like the energies and show up to check

or they might play a part of it ?

ive noticed dogs and cats pick up on the energetic sync of lasers from where ever
and for them it seem to be more / less
connected to my personal relationship with them if they respond to it

not sure what to make of it

back to the first experience
of walkin about in the trees
and reachin a barrier
and the battles played out on diffrent place
since weve taken time out of the picture

its hard to really connect whats what
with all these digital entities around
id imagine its possible its just the entities who are wearin(???)
not sure if its the right word
using the scenery around as a tool to create the event on a diffrent scale

how accurate is they're resaults ?

i Generous do you think when felix (netflix)
is asking me a question philosophically about said expeirnence
event or my toughts about something

and then theres a special scene in the series to connect with that
for a more immersive and fun watching experience

would you say that felix is alive and respoding personally to each's experience
tought and respond to that said queued question ? event ?

or is the tv show pre programmed and its takin the person to understand / experience
whats to be experienced for that specific scene to be immersive ?

what im sayin is
1- person choice and consquence exist for a tv show ? wat? is you serious ?
2- tv show takes person trough expeirence preprogramed and with mind ticks makes it feel personal

heres the experience that brought this post
i was walkin
and there was a puddle that sent me walkin back
i was really high and it took me about 5 minuets of walkin the wrong way
till i realised i can just step on the water
you know the elephant and the leash story
so im walkin and after 5 minuets i get the quick save moment
and the noises in the shrubs with the light shader traces effect on me
like i was just fighting somewhere else or ???? or i dont know
and i return and realise yo did i have to fight a goblin on spiritual realm and return
and that goblin was the me seeing that puddle of water as something that stops me from
continuing walkin

strange experiences
its mostly strange
since with this
inter dimensional this happens
and it continues that on a video game
or a video game that continues a physical life event
is kind of hard to connect to a single place
in a single time

any way
the tought waves that show up befor an sms pops up
are mostly gone
it was strange to think that were on telepathy
or that were sending a message on another radio line

and then it would manifest a response from the surroundings outside
it just made it feel like a prank
as is to why my responses has been as they are on most of these channels

its like being investigated by police seriously ,

did you use the cosmic days calculator tool to find out when is the real 2012
to check when is sky city gonna wear and where what other city
to do a building demolision ?

does that Exciting city is not physically able to be manipluated unless linked to a physical place ?

i am not fund of the new meta of calling out a lesser skilled practitioners bots
it was funnier when people called eachother my kid / my son / boy
tough i understand
its not that your not teaching
you are teaching , not to mess with you :lol:

deem that entiti with the bot / virtual reality / simulated reality entiti
has , so , much , minions
ok i get it
you can read my wats app messages
im impressed
you have teleportation
im impressed

you can buy billboards
im impressed

you can see what current digital content im channeling trough
i am impressed

and i was wrong
am sorry also

did you notice
the dimensionality
on people
it goes from a person's voice up to physical apperance
where do you think is the person when he is on a diffrent layer of himself ?
still there ?

i think some are copy cating this phenomena by replacing and photoshoping
their profile pictures and paying vip services to facebook
or something tech related not sure

so where does a person wears only himself ?
these chains all around us ?
what are they ?

are they place related ?
or inner space ?

i think its both
tough mostly cause its possible to overstep it from the inner space
powered by what place and to what extent ?

in some streets in europe
the domain or realm or how ever you wanna call it

has made eating oranges
diffrent then in other places

cause oranges are counted there as a hit ?
tough you can eat an orange
and the buildings would see a request on the que for that looney toons scene bit of eatin a graned

funny places

were doin better here any way
re paiting our reality to as it should be
i think they are repainting some ceilings in italy also
to address some issues
or something like that

and they've painted the clock peice of salvador
on a wall in main street

clock syncs to sound effects etc etc in streets
is handled diffrently from now
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