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Pagiantha cerifera

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Here's an obscure one, for the record!

Pagiantha cerifera contains, amongst other things, ibogaine:
Pagiantha (= Tabernaemontana) cerifera Mgf.

This species grows in New Caledonia either on mica schist or
peridotite. Voacangine, ibogaine, voacamine, and coronaridine have been
isolated from this arborescent species collected in the north on mica schist.
From the ecotype growing in the south on peridotite soil were isolated -
apart from the already known alkaloids (215)- dihydroellipticine,
unusual for the Tabernaemontanae, as well as three new alkaloids, pagicer-
ine, ceridimine, and pagisulfine, the first sulfur-containing
indole alkaloid.

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(Alkaloids from the Medicinal Plants of New Caledonia)
Fascinating. It's amazing how many plants are out there, that have medicinal properties. I never would have thought of an island in the South Pacific to have novel medicinal / psychedelic properties, but why not!?

The internet may be a compendium of vast knowledge, but we are really just beginning to understand our reality, our ecosystems.

Thanks for sharing with us.
This was just a tangent from something else I was looking for - I thought I'd do quick search for "iboga" while looking through the document and, much to my surprise, this one came up.

All things said, Tabernaemontana is one of the first genera to go to if you're looking for iboga-type alkaloids.
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