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Panaeolus Cyanescens var. Estero (Joc Pan Tek)

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I’ve been growing cubes for about a year and wanted to step my game up quality wise,.

I heard so many good things about exotics so I did my research and here I am,.

Hopefully an admin can move this to mushroom sub forum where it belongs but I been away for like a year from the site and never posted much so I am still considered a new member I suppose,.


This is my closet space green house,.

It is fitted with a humidifier piped through the top and a bathroom ceiling vent taped into the side at the bottom,.

The fogger is in a repeat timer of ten on 30 off the vent fan is on a timer ratio of 20 on 20 off,.

If I were growing cubes still this wouldn’t be necessary but because I grow pan cyan, this is the only way to give the fresh air exchange coupled with the high humidth I know of,.

There is one other way to optimize output of these mushies in totes but includes automation as well so I said screw it let’s go!!!

I’ll hook up some more pics soon but for now, here is a pic of my current grow



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I’m using an heat bomb aka aquarium heater on the bottom fifth tier,.

I have two more oven bags of pan cyan colonizing on the other tiers and two bags of psilocybin tampanensis that I just cased above that right under the fruiting pan cyan,.

I’m hoping to get more people interested in exotics here if I can,. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Amazing work friend! I'm a huge exotics fan even tho I've had zero success lol but I'm still trying. This is inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing!:thumb_up:
Hey ive been gone a long time this is a dead thread just writing something to let anyone know interested in this subject a new thread will be made in the near future.

Had to take a long hiatus. Back now.
good job

I use a monotub and cut in half 1l bottle which is placed in the middle and has an air stone bubbling away.keeps humidity up,no need to spray,only fan

Using simple CFL light for amphibians-day light spectrum for 12h
Yep! That will do 'er. Ive seen a good handful of improvised monotubs with fans air stones and so on and so forth that get the job done just fine. You can post some pics here of your set up and fruits if you like.

I'm waiting on germination rn, before I get everything going again. Shouldnt be to long! Will be posting here just get some ppl turned on and to document my successes and failures so others may learn from my labors.:)
All I want to say is shout out to Paneaolus Cyanescens and those bringing this species into wider availability.

Had my first entheogenic(as opposed to recreational or psychedelic) experiences with them and they are awesome.

The body load is almost as good as the cleanest mandy. With none of the difficulties associated with that substance.
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