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Passion flower based changa.

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So i had read a single post in a thread that spoke of changing from a passionflower based changa to a mullien changa and noticing a drop in potency. I know its argued up and down whether p.f. enhances dmt. From my experience, i agree with that post. I did the exact same thing. Was making enhanced leaf with straight passionflower, and when i even went to 1/3 p.f. and 2/3 mullien, i noticed a big drop in trip strength as well. I dont like the smell p.f. gives off and i become nauseous i beleive this is from the p.f. as well but i am beginning to think maybe thats the deems itself.

This is what im doing, boiled 6 grams of dried, ground passion flower (tea bags) in approx. 25ml of 91% iso for about 10 mins. Strained and kept liquid.
Boiled 3 grams of spearmint leaf in 25 ml of iso for 2 mins, strained, then to that added approx 8 grams mullien and another approx. 30 ml of iso until just covered, boiled for 4 mins.

I then dissolved 3 grams of deems into the saturated alcohol and added in 3 grams more of p.f.

I am now reducing to evaporate.

Concentrated the p.f. to see if this will kick it up another notch
Concentrated spearmint for flavor and airway opening
Concentrated mullien for anti inflammatory affectnon lungs as well.

My deems was 1/2 white crystal, and 1/2 hot pulled yellow goo.

This was done after deciding that i do not like pure white dmt.its much less visual until you do too much trying to achieve desired affects, then its hard to explain, it takes you somewhere else but to me it was a ton of repitition and not the booming dancing figure that the wider spectrum hot pulls gives me. Plus i have been doing deems a while now and have NEVER EVER EVER had a bad trip until i did pure white clean deems. Both trips i did with it were scary, horrifying, and evil. Its like all the magic with non of the soul, you see its un guided potential.

I willbpost more when this is tested.
Interesting, let us know how it goes.

I've used varying levels of passionflower, mugwort and mullien for a while. I've never really noticed any dmt level difference. The smoke can have different levels of headiness, but overall it's pretty similar. I've settled on a 1:1:1 mix of them now as my base, plus alkaloids, then with a sprinkle of lions tail after drying. Seems to be pleasant.
I now use Changa made with Mapacho grown in my garden, it is just great.
But I also noticed a distinct effect of Passion flower, I drink a strong brew of PF one hour before Changa when I want push things deeper.
Our experiences are quite similar, since I totally agree with you on the difference between pure white crystals and wider spectrum extraction: some of the magic is lost with excessive purification.

Waiting for your report when you'll try your new Changa!
Great work, here! I've only made mullein & mint changa, so am very interested to hear from you again.
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