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Passionflower tea before smoking changa

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Hey guys, after spending a long time looking, my efforts have been successful. I have managed to acquire some changa. I have some passionflower herb that I was thinking i would drink before i smoke the changa? Would this add more to my trip? I have a plan for my trip to be completely shamanistic and sacred in my own terms. Such as white sage incense, meditation, intention setting and some chanting before my experience. I would like the passsionflower tea to be part of my ritual, as it already has calming properties, Will the MAOI in passsionflower change my trip? 😁
What is the changa mix? Some have passionflower in. I made my changa with passionflower and it is great but I don't know how strong an MAOI it is. I would like to strengthen the effects by extraction from the passionflower and would like to know what a recommendation would be...5x, 2x for example or should I just experiment? 😁
I'm only new to this and only had changa I made myself...I tried to smoke the spice in an oil pipe thing but couldn't. Changa was the way to go for me. I will say though that if you can get the ingredients you can extract and make your own and you will know exactly what is in it! 😁
If you feel that Passionflower tea can add something to your ritual, go ahead, drink it.

I have tried to drink some befor vaping DMT, it added each time something to the experience. Never tried it with Changa but it should also add something.

You could perhaps drink it before starting to meditate, as an entry into your sacred space?

Have a nice trip.
Niiice I can tell I'm in the right place. I have both some orange spice and two kinds of changa one made from bark and the other a mix including blue lotus.
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