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Peppermint oil safety question

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Making my last blend I used approx 1g Lemon balm and 1G Mullien 2G Yellow spice and 750mg harmalas. The goodies were dissolved in hot IPA and herbs added.

As i was evaporating the IPA I had a random idea to add a smidge of Peppermint essntial oil (100% pure) I put a drop on my finger and let a tiny drop (prob 1/2 drop) in the IPA.

I vaped 40mg to test the other day and the mint seems pretty strong. No ill efect though. What I am wondering though is if I made a mistake by adding too much and would t be unsafe to go for a breakthrough size dose with this much oil. I haven't gone for the full ride on this blend but wanted to ask if anyone else out there has done the same. I see _arcane_ put oil on the lid of the jar How does your changa look like ? - Changa - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

As far as blends go this one looks so pretty. I did see this http://www.naturallivingideas.com/essential-oil-dangers/ which says "For example, just a drop of peppermint oil is equal to roughly 26 cups of peppermint herbal tea" There are approx 40 breakthrough doses in my blend so maybe i am overthinking here?
Depends on the oil makeup.
I dont recommend using mint oil because as you noticed its waay to strong when inhaled.
Menthol is an irritant and can cause trouble with heart rythm so dont use to much of it.

Given the fact mint oil is nearly 50% menthol depending on source you shouldnt use to much of it. Just some "for taste" but one drop is too much.

I find mint dry mint leaves to be just weak enough to be vaped a lot. Straight mint oil is simply to strong.
Yeah at that amount it was a tiny bit harsh BUT I decided I would just use pinches to top cones and made a simple blend with just mullein in relative the same amounts. It did feel like the mint opened my sinuses and air passages and warmed my throat.
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