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Perspective given after a 1st bong of Sally

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To find all the knowledge in the world...you just
Swims report after a 1st time bong of Sally 5x
Salvia... What a lady
Set and setting... Home.. Night time, Mrs prepped as a sitter (as doing this for the first time through a bong), water at the ready... Incense burning and area free of clutter... TV off.
I take a full bowl of 5x and light... Half way through I realise I should've emptied my lungs as as it doesn't seem like I can take a big intake... I hold it for a little while then BAMM... Next thing I know I'm scrabbling for a drink and am convinced I am doing something wrong... I turn to my wife and mention my daughters name and ask if she is alright.. She says OK..(she also tells me I was under a lot longer... See below).. . I am seeing what I can only describe as dreamlike visuals which include many spiderweb threads of colour with the gaps in between filled with faded colours... I also see a cottage at the base of a golden (barley type gold) colour behind... I am there and here at the same time... I am aware that I am tripping and trying to describe to the wife what I am seeing and also realising its fading away... I did ask Sally to be gentle with me and I think she was... I had a marshmallow feeling over certain shapes and things I was seeing... Only way I can explain it.
I have been left with an overall feeling of peace.
The wife had a different experience of me in this time though.
He fell back within seconds of taking a pull. He almost flung himself backwards and his eyes rolled. His mouth was open and he was making a snoring sort of sound which almost turned into a choking sound. This lasted around 2 minutes. His eyes were half open and he looked cross eyed.
It was pretty scary to watch. He then covered his face and shouted out a couple of times. He was trying to speak but it was just gibberish.
He then sat up and moved. The whole time I was trying to reassure him. He was worried that he hadn't asked my permission and that our daughter was awake. He then said he didn't feel well.
I handed him the water bottle but he couldn't quite grasp it. I helped him drink.
After around 10 minutes he was able to explain that he was seeing some colours and visuals in his head.
Slowly he started to come out of it. Although initially it felt scary to watch and for me pretty worrying at first there was a calming feeling in the room and I knew if I kept calm and kept him calm he would get through it.

Sally (such a stupid name) is definately a teacher worth every respect... Retrospectively (30 mins after coming out)... I asked her going in to be gentle... And she was.. She left me with no memory of the bad stuff... But full memory of what mattered... And what makes me calm... My wife, my kids and a sunny field.
I hope you guys find this insightful to the intriguing world of sal. A
I would try less next time. Amnesia usually means one has gone a little overboard. If you can get some dmt I would smoke them together, the dmt often removes alot of the negative side effects of smoked salvia and the dmt takes on a goofy chaotic fun house circus effect. One of my favorite combos! Besides K+anything...
Hey K
You are definitely right, I think it was a case of confidence because SWIM took a few half bowls on a small pipe and while he did feel some small effects, he didn't notice any psychedelic effects... So they doubled the amount with the bong... Rookie mistake.
Unfortunately getting Dmt is an impossibility due to location so Swim will just have to experiment in other areas whilst being careful to not over do it 😀
KloudQ7 said:
I would try less next time. Amnesia usually means one has gone a little overboard. If you can get some dmt I would smoke them together, the dmt often removes alot of the negative side effects of smoked salvia and the dmt takes on a goofy chaotic fun house circus effect. One of my favorite combos! Besides K+anything...
It seems counter intuitive to combine two incredibly powerful agents of OBEs to mitigate the negative effects, but I'll concur with that statement. Salvia alone is the scariest experience I've ever had on a drug. It was relentless and felt like a violation of sorts but combined with dmt in a later effort, most if not all of those effects were calmed in favor of a more dream like and supportive inner narrative.
Hi null
I have seen it saida few times that salvia and dmt complement eachother, I really wish that dmt was accessible for all but options are limited in my area... Unless people pay over the odds to get the main ingredients (making an extract too expensive) unfortunately means combining these two amazing products will be ltd to vacations to a far away land.
Swim has got yopo seeds (on an impulse) but is becoming more and more hesitant to either snuff or extract...but is also coming away from dmt type experience... In terms of access swim has to order from another country, with ltd options (salvia, aya, seeds or weed) and from local just weed and coke.
So jealousy is a big case at the mo 😜😜😜
Just a small update from SWIM about his trip with the shepherdess.

As you have read, SWIM was overconfident and took too large a hit from the bong filled with salvia, made him (in his point of view) black out then come to with a sense he had done something wrong...but was left with a calming effect on his body and mind.
Well, since then he had had small "flashbacks" if you can call them that...small things that bring back a very small portion of the forgotten events.
1st he was watching something on youtube where someone had layers of colourful beads and pulling their hands through it made an almost psychedelic effect of colour...well the image of a flower with thousands of petals suddenly bloomed in his memory, thousands of petals with ever changing colours...beautiful..but he had a feeling of fear as well.
2nd and more disturbing...he was reading a salvia trip report where someone said they seemed to fold in on themselves then BAMM...SWIM remembered something that bought in the fear and nausea...he was trapped in a repetitive cycle of tidal waves of colour, his body folding over double in on itself over and over again, he couldnt breath, it was like a speeded up version of that scene in the film inception but instead of the world bending toward him...he and his whole world was bending over and in on itself every couple of seconds...he had no idea he was tripping, had no memory of the before and no way to stop this sickening feeling.
Needless to say, even the small memory of this made SWIM feel sick and a little shaky...also has made him nervous to do it again (although there should be an element of fear with the spirit plants).
He is planning on taking another trip with aya soon but wonders whether this experience will either be brought back and amplified or whether he is over thinking things???
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