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Peru Christmas baby named Jesus

Migrated topic.
One of those stupidly sweet christmas storries that always come around at this time of year. I can think of few things sadder or more pathetic than displaying you supertitions and 5th centuary backward mindedness than calling some poor defencless kid Jesus. It is nothing short of child abuse.

A young mind needs to grow and develop. It needs to learn how to question and find its own truth. Indoctrinating the young into some kind of religion does exactly the opposite. It insists on a rigid line of unqestioning thought handed down from a less enlightened past. It cripples open and independant thought. Adults get to choose what they believe, we demand and will fight for that right but the religious deny that of their kids. They are abusers of children.

I know this clown he is a friend of mine. What he does is a very long way from shackling the minds of young children. His performance, his art, is to teach children to conquer their fears. To use their own minds to establish how they feel about their world.

I saw an article in a news paper today that reminded me of this post. Madonna has got her self a new boy friend after splitting up with Guy Ritchie and he's called Jesus! He is only 22 years old, shes old enough to be his mother.
To the very few here that are not aware, Lucifer means 'light bearer'. The original sinner/rebel. Lucifer is also old slang for a match.

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