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Petri problems

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I'm fighting a condensation problem on my Petri's and it seems like nothing is really fixing it. I've tried everything I've been recommended so far and I'm still getting abysmally clarity out of most of my plates. I just made the switch to legitimate polycarb plates. Either the dish is crystal clear or it's absolutely useless. It's getting rather frustrating getting as few as 3/10 clear dishes. I was once recommended a temperature to pour at but I can't remember for the life of me what it was or who recommended it to me and it's driving me nuts because it was the only suggestion that seemed to give me consistently acceptable returns on effort.

What would be your recommendation.
I've tried:
Letting the dish set in the pc overnight
Over insulating dishes
Not insulating dishes
More afar/less agar
Post pouring
Rebagging the unset/untaped dishes
Letting cool petri dishes sit upside down for a few days
The list goes on and on.

The only thing I can think of is that I'm pouring too hot still but what would explain getting crystal clear dishes in a batch that mostly looks like THIS?


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What helps me is pouring at a temp when i can handle it comfortably, still hot, but i dont burn myself.
I also use glass petri dishes, dunno if that changes anything.

Usually i use dishes that have some condensation anyway, more prone to contam, but better than throwing away.
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