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Peyote - Amsterdam

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Hi All.

Im wondering...

I think you can still buy Peyote Buttons in various shops in Amsterdam (correct me if im wrong).
I would like to get over there and try a dose, but I don’t really want to just go to a park, or stay in a hotel room with friends and not be able to submit fully to the experience.

What would be cool is if there were any retreats, or centers, or churches, or any type of ceremonies that are held over there.....

Does anyone know of such things?

I think a strong peyote trip in a foreign country is a bit risky.
But if its in the safe surroundings of a retreat with a sitter, It could be a great little trip.

If anyone knows of anything like this in DAM, please let me know, im sure myself and some friends would be very interested.

yes they are still selling them. still seeling mushrooms too. the peyote are quite expensive however and I know nothing about their average strength. there isn't too much nature in the netherlands buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut there are some nice parks to trip in outside of amsterdam. i think there are some groups that hold ceremonies but i dont really know. look up some i know there are some just not sure exactly what or where or with who.
Im also heading to the dam soon, would like to know if there was something similar. My mate bought one a while back for £35 and it was tiny and ended up dying. That put me off they do seem quite expensive. I would like to go to the santo daime for an aya ceremony. I was on the site but couldnt see anything. I might contact them and see what they say. Think you have to get an invite or something, like you just cant show up yaya know. Ill let you know if I have any joy. There supposed to be banning mushrooms this year at some point and im sure a smoking ban comes into effect the first of july though im not 100%
July 1st 2008, you are not allowed to smoke in pubs, cafe, restaurants etc anymore. You have to go outside or to special smoking rooms to get your relief. ;)

They will probably ban mushrooms this year but I think (hope) you can still buy spore-kits and growboxes after that.
Infinite I said:
Im also heading to the dam soon, would like to know if there was something similar. My mate bought one a while back for £35 and it was tiny and ended up dying.

Jeez, I thought you meant your friend died!
Got a bit scared for a moment there...

I did a bit of searching yest, and managed to find an Ayahuasca retreat in Holland.


I sent the guy a quick email, and he told me that they are holding an Ayahuasca program between 8th to the 20th September. Ive replied asking for more details on duration of the retreat, and cost etc....

But Im reall up for this..

Holland is so much easier for me to get to than Peru!
No my friend is alive and well lol That retreat looks more doable than peru though I defo want to get there at some point, maybe next year. Let me know the details if you could mate could well be up for that, pm would do. I sent an email to santo daime asking about ceremonys in Holland but theyve yet to get back to me. Im 90% sure they do them near amsterdam, Im sure I seen a progrmme about ayahuasca and the santo daime was in that. Do you know much about it traveler? Sure I read somewhere your from Holland? Any help would be great thanks.
Infinite I - Im from London dude....

I’ve really been wanting to partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony/retreat for some time now.
I had a vague dream of making it out to PERU at some stage in my life, but if I can hop across the seas to Holland, Ill go this year!

Its apparently 120 EURO's per session.
There will be 6 sessions this September.
You can stay at this center for 10 Euro per night (food included).

The guy said he would send a mail out to his mailing list next week with full details of the program.
Last time they did one, I think they brought over a female Ayahuasquero from Peru to host the ceremonies.

Ill keep you updated - interesting stuff!
Yes do that, very interesting. Im in Glasgow and its only an hour in the plane. Ill join there mailing list and have a proper look myself sounds cool, and less expensive than peru!
Mescaline is compared in effect to other halucinogens a relatively expensive drug. But when you are realy determined to use mescaline i would recomend sanpedro over peyote, simply because of the price. A real peyote trip would cost you over a 100 euro's while you can have something wich is more or less the same thing for less then 30 euro's. There are places where there are ayahuasca rituals and in some of these shops in amsterdam you can find info on where and when. There are still plenty of places in holland where you can enjoy nature, even relatively close to amsterdam. There are forests, lakes beaches, but during winter, temperatures can get a bit scandinavian and for the rest of the year you never know when it's going to rain.
Why not just hit one of the 2c compounds. Taylor your mescaline to suit your mood. No sickness, no expencive or difficult to find cacti derivatives.
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