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Peyote causes no long term damage..in fact it may be good for you!

Migrated topic.
Slightly more interresting than rats on XTC having sex, wich is indeed something that needs to be studied thouroughly just as well.
Mescaline, although it's a phenethylamine, activates some of the same receptors as DMT does.
We already knew this about ayahuasca, so this leaves the question whether it's a neural mechanism that's involved here or whether the use of these substances is merely part of a lifestyle that's just very healthy.
I wonder if these substances are just straightforward 'good for you', or whether the religious and ritual context plays a role here as well.
Well there is always the question of whether or not people who use these substances properly are getting the benefits from the context in which they are used or the substance itself. I think its fair to say thats its a little bit of both. Now I would just like to see an article like that appear on cnn or the bbc or what have you.

Although one comment the article does claim that mescaline being different from lsd or psilocin means that these results cannot be applicable to those substances. While yes ok every substance deserves its own analysis but lsd and psilosin also have no long term negative effects except if people experience a series of bad trips etc etc. In other words I think most psychedelics are reasonably safe in terms of long term cognitive effects.
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