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Peyote dose fresh?

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Hello guys,

I am really curious about peyote, and I know it's expensive but I want to experience at least one proper trip from it in a lifetime.

Obviously I need to weight it out.

It's mostly sold in 3-4cm seedlings, also completely legal to buy in my country.

So how many of those would I need to experience an equivalent to a standard blotter of acid type of intensity?

Besides, is tea recommended or can I just eat it?

Any help would be appreciated.
Alkaloid content can vary widely depending on a whole host of factors (variety, age, growing conditions, stress, etc).

Erowid lists a common dosage of fresh peyote as between 100-150 grams, or roughly 6-12 mid sized buttons.

I'd probably aim for 10+ buttons or closer to the 150 gram weight to get fully psychedelic effects. I'd definitely just eat the fresh buttons, save the teas and other prep methods for dried material.
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