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Phalaris appreciation thread!

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I've been growing phalaris brachystachys from seed recently, and the older seedlings have just begun to become established. The speed at which these things grow is incredible, and to top it off they're gorgeous! Certainly my favorite plant yet; I've grown phalaris aquatica as well, but that species never seemed as special to me as brachystachys :)


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ShamanisticVibes said:
How did you germinate? I have had several failed attempts to get my phalaris seeds to germinate....
I sprinkled 1g of wild seeds on top of a mix of roughly 40% universal potting soil, 40% sand and 20% clay rich soil from outside. No real reason behind the mix. I lightly covered and pressed the seeds with a bit of soil and watered gently but generously to minimize the movement of seeds. They germinated within a week.
Here's how they look like now after 2 harvests, they look a bit sad bcz i forgot the window open on a windy day.
I only got 29g total fresh grass from 2 harvests so my hope of collecting 1kg in a year quickly faded :b


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On my first year I harvested perhaps 100g. On my second year I harvested close to half a kg. There is an exponential seed gain each year. I can imagine that in a few years time I can cultivate am entire field if I want.
Very nice! Thanks for the update! :thumb_up:

Do you know the rough DMT percentage for 100g of harvested grass? I'm wondering how it compares to MHRB....I don't remember seeing any data on it from what I've read. Just curious.

@ShamanisticVibes: Be careful where you buy seeds, theres plenty of internet shops that will knowingly sell crap seeds for any variety of plants out there...or dont know/dont care how to properly harvest/store/keep seeds. We've all bought some bunk seeds before. :(
MachienDome, I don't know the percentage; all I can say is that it is very rare for another plant to have comparable amounts of DMT to M. tenuiflora, and brachystachys's potency seems in the range of satisfying to very strong from all the reports.
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