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Pharmahuasca- 200mg harmala tea with 10-15mg DMT freebase


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Took 2x daily dose so around 200mg harmalas caapi tea


Already feel the effects of the tea so I measure out as best I could 10mg of freebase but it could be 15mg but likely around 10mg

I add it to my tongue and the taste is quite plastic like so I go to fridge no acidic juice so I take a small sip of cola so swallow the DMT and hopefully salt it for faster absorption


I feel a little cold but I’ve already felt this with tea alone so ignored. Colors start to be over saturated and seem to be sharpened.


Start to notice everything is oversharppened and a strange stabilizer effect I’ve never had before where I move my head sideways and shake but the fixed object would remain completely static. Similar to a video after adding stabilizer hard to explain exactly


The sharpening effect is stronger and within the object I could see those traditional images of ancient images/pyramids/sculptures but just under the surface and would go in and out. No tracing effects no waving in material.


Seems to be the peak with. Colors and fractals taking over the objects that are oversharppened. This doesn’t take over my entire field of vision like with LSD or mescaline. Pink and grey seem to be the predominant colors but are found in completely beige material.

CEV were not strong but I could see squares forming a head similar to Alex grey artwork very little color but some were present.

There was a head rush from the climbing effects and euphoria. Not excessive and not full face grins but quite enjoyable.


Peak effects were never overbearing there was ZERO mental effects other than initial rush of energy and slight euphoria from tryptamine effect. Zero insight however I did actually get out of my head considering I’m quite introverted.


colors remain saturated but no more oversharppening effect

2H 40m

Pretty close to baseline still feel maoi but The light is gone. During the entire experience I am clear headed and able to move around.


There is a euphoric afterglow


Completely baseline also end up the maoi effect for me.
Next time try waiting an hour after the Harmalas to dose the DMT, see if it works out any better, i swear by dosing the DMT an hour after the Harmalas, that's when gut MAO-A seems inhibited to the max and then DMT has full bioavailability/oral activity and should last 4 to 5 hours, even for a lighter dose.
I'll try next time... I also plan on repeating the dmt at this level with 300mg harmala. I've taken 1g harmala tea on its own and the timeframe of the maoi is EXACTLY this. You mentioned this in another post. I likely have HIGH CYP2D6 since this has been my experience after MANY attempts. I do take around 100mg harmala caapi tea daily so I increased to double the amount and I feel the effects clearly around the 15 min mark. I'll test dosing an hour just to give it a try. Perhaps I'll have stronger effects of the Light.
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