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Pharmahuasca DMT dose vs Light Plant doses

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I hear some say that when using purified DMT in pharmahuasca, far more is necessary than when using a full-spectrum light plant brew for the same level of effects.

Does this ring true for you guys?

Does this only happen when combined with extracted harmalas?

I ask because I am planning on making a large vine-based brew and dissolving a good amount of DMT acetate into it during the reduction phase, but I wouldn't want to be wasteful....
No, I have ever seen this reported.

DMT will be as potent as is dependent on the harmala content.

a full-spectrum light plant brew has the same alkaloid content as an extracted amount of alkaloids.

IE 100g of MHRB = approx 1g DMT (subject to variation) - The same goes for Rue or Caapi except the content amount

So it can be stronger or weaker depending on the alkaloid content. This is why it is more of a gamble with brews because you don't know how much you are going to get.

DO NOT ASSUME that the potency will be less because it might be the opposite and you could send yourself somewhere that you don't want to go...
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