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Pharmahuasca with extracted acacia ?

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Most reports i read are using a crude acacia tea with rue...

Im thinking about using extracted acacia crystals with rue tea for a light first time oral Pharmahuasca experiance...

Can i use as low as 30 mgs of acacia crystals mixed in orange juice.. with 2 grams of brewed rue tea..

Would i get a light first time experiance with this mix if i fast first?

It would seem that i would not need as much dmt since it is extracted dmt and more concintrated ...?

opinions welcome...
Go for at least 3 grams of Rue though, when taking oral DMT, it is best to achieve full MAO-A inhibition so that your DMT will be fully orally active but also so that you get the most out of however much DMT you're taking. 2 grams of Rue, unless you've taken Rue a few times a week for several weeks and thus building up the reverse tolerance, is not enough for full oral DMT activation, with only partial MAO-A inhibition you'd need more DMT and it wouldn't last as long, with full MAO-A inhibition a small amount of DMT can go a long way and you get the full effects/duration out of it.
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