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I'm at a point in my life where I feel like it is time to take a direction. One of the things that I'm very interested in is philanthropy. I know of the peace corps but I want to know what other American organizations there are that do overseas philanthropy works. Especially ones where I could take my experience back to the states and turn it into a career eventually.
I don't know much about the States but I have heard that charity is Big Business nowadays, so working for any charity of any reasonable size is a 'proper' career now, with high-bankrolled directors etc. And given that many people who work for them are probably 'nice', it could be easy to manipulate your way to the top! I know that's not what you're into, sorry :) The people who collect direct debits on the streets aren't volunteers anymore, it's a job and their knowledge of the causes can be quite limited, I was surprised to discover that. Nice to know you can actually earn a living doing it though.

Greenpeace? They're American. Maybe Friends of the Earth. Lots of opportunities abroad and a future in the charity sector. If you want to go less corporate, like the crazy guy who dropped out of Greenpeace to roam the seas as some sort of pirate ramming whaling boats, then I think there isn't much of a financial future to be had! Just lots of exciting stories to tell when you're old.

Or you could do something not specifically charitable, but helps the world. Like science (choosing your employer wisely). Or becoming a commercial diver, checking out damage to coral reefs.

Amnesty International, that's a very worthwhile organisation.
I started a thread about 'charities against entheogen prohibition' here Charities against entheogen prohibition? - Open Discussion - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
I don't want money, I just want three meals and to help others. On the peace corps website there are opportunities for teaching, business development, agriculture, and youth outreach. Those are all thing where you could take your experience back to the states and apply them to a career.

And I'm also strongly considering chemistry as a career path. I'm also fascinated by the human brain. I could direct my college education towards these and earn a related degree, but that kind of degree can't be applied towards any kind of philanthropic work. Albeit, working in those field is for the benifit of mankind anyways. I guess that's really what it's all about anyways, I want to help the greater good. I want to push humanity forward.
"Doctors Without Borders" does really good work all over the world.

Inner-city American schools badly need skilled motivated teachers.
If I could find a family to take me under their wing and teach me the art of acid manufacture I'd do that. That is a public service unto itself in my opinion.
I remember reading about an English couple in the paper who were busted doing just that years ago (at the tail-end of the rave days).
They were going for one big batch of acid, a first-time one-off, the plan being to make money off this one big batch so that they could retire early. The police said was worth £1m on the street, so I'm guessing they would've made about half that amount of money themselves.
But they got ratted out, I presume, and went to prison instead of Ibiza. Boo!
Ratting an acid cook is the absolute worst thing you can do. To take away such a great thing from so many and to have such rare knowledge and talent locked up is unfathomable.
If I could find a family to take me under their wing and teach me the art of acid manufacture I'd do that. That is a public service unto itself in my opinion.

My service to the public and the community is preservation and information about the active use of botanicals! Start a huge garden that preserves psychoactive plants! That'd be an awesome contribution to society!

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