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Phosphoric Acid

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On another forum dedicated to aya people are using 10% food grade phosphoric acid (beer brewing supplies) to do their extractions and are having marvelous results.

Has anyone tried substituting phosphoric acid for vinegar? They apparently are having more results using it than HCL or vinegar.
Yes, at the other forum there was a lot of chatter about how this phosphoric acid tek (hummingbird tek, a no-heat extraction for oral consumption) would produce amazing results (more so than with HCL or other acids) with MHRB as low as 1-2grams/dose...with adequate MAO inhibition. I thought that they were pulling these other helper alkaloids (dark dmt, which I believe is a mixture of alks) along with the dmt.

The key to this tek was to do long cold soaks in about a pH of 3.

This may be the way to go when trying to acquire the dark dmt, or it may radically boost yields (or may not help one damn bit!)....do an a/b using phosphoric acid and then basify as normal using toluene or xylene as solvents.

Phosphoric acid is so cheap I decided to get myself some and try this. It probably won't be for a few weeks, but I am going to do 250g of MHRB using the standard vinegar tek I usually use and another with phosphoric acid (keeping pH, temperature, and time consistent) and will at some point post the results.
Any idea how DMT phophate will behave during reduction?
I know there's word of dmt acetate (vinegar extraction) breaking down at lower pH (as you reduce the unused acetic acid causes a drop on pH and more strain on the dmt.acetate molecules) - dmt.hcl is supposably a lot more stable

I'd be interested to see comparisons in the following in particular:
extracted using hcl
extracted using acetic acid
extracted using phosphoric acid
extracted using tartaric acid

I think fumaric acid is worth a look also, but it's solubility in water is so that you'd be working with literally bucketloads
realistically though, say these different acids were used in comparison on extracted freebase spice rather than aya brews.. Easily i could see how they would effect the aya brews by bringing more or less of different plant components into the brew by changing solubilities etc.. but when it comes to extraction and ultimately white fluff then do you really think the choice of acid will effect even somewhat the qualitative component of the final result?

i don't know if that was even the discussion but i'm just curious now..
What is this "dark DMT" of which people are speaking? Is it simply a different colored DMT due to it being DMT-phosphate rather than another acid salt, or is it the result of other alkaloids being pulled? What's different about it? Is it better for oral ingestion and if so, why?
Dark DMT isn't DMT, people just call it that. It's some mystery alk that people have extracted from MHRB, effects are not very pleasant from what i've read. There is a massive thread right here on this forum with more details.
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