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photos of extraction, thoughts on certain crystals please.

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Just finished an extraction.

BTW on a side note, UK extractors, U-POL fast panel wipe is pure light naptha and evaps without a single trace of anything, it is far better than any other material I have seen in the UK for pulling

data sheet is here

it evaps super fast and leaves absolutley zero residue.

Anyway back on topic, I used an A/B boil then freeze tek and have just drained from the freeze so its not dry yet but I can clearly see the results and yield are good (this is from 50G MHRB)

I don't think any re x will be required. Most of it is pure white, crystal shards but there are a couple of yellow bubbly spots on my glass evaporation vessel. Can some of you please give thoughts on the safety of these areas

total sheet


close up on white crystal


yellow bubbly area


are those yellow portals to hyperspace safe and smokeable?
Thank you so much for the link, much love.

Quick question

Yellow colour can be a number of things:

- Pure DMT itself has been shown to be polymorphic , so yellow may just be DMT itself. But it can also be other things:
-Oily non-volatile impure solvent remains (bad to smoke)

as I only used vinegar water lye and light naptha, I am assuming I can rule out oily non volatile solvent.
Yeah, the first thing I did was do an evap test on the solvent before I did anything else. I poured a little into a pyrex dish and left it around 30 min. After 30 min there was literally no trace of anything ever having been in the pyrex dish.

I know people in the UK struggle for a good naptha based solvent and often end up with heavy naptha.

As the data sheet confirms U-POL fast evaporating panel wipe / degreaser is pure light naptha and only 15 quid for 5 litres. Highly recommended.
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