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Phowa Teachings in Bodhgaya

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Here are some pictures of my trip to Bodhgaya India, I went specifically for Phowa teachings. I spent a month staying in the Shechen monastery, it was definitely one of the most profound experiences of my life. I truly learnt to open up my heart for the first time completely in India.

One of the most beautiful and special places that i visited was the Mahabodhi temple which contains the Bodhi tree. Bodhgaya has an intense surreal and powerful energy its incredible. Traveling in India wasnt an easy task by any stretch of the imagination but it was one of the most life changing events in my life that's for sure.








Here are some links if you would like to do a little further reading...

Phowa Teachings

Shechen Monastery

Mahabodhi Temple

Much Peace and Compassion

Why thank you, I feel greatly honoured to be able to share my journey with you guys... 😉

Much Peace and Kindness
Receiving the Phowa teaching is a miracle, independent of the location. But to receive them in Bodhgaya multiplies the blessing! :) Thanks for sharing, Aegle, wonderful shots.
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