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Been experimenting with extracting piperine from black pepper recently. About to get a nice yield off 100g. What is the recommended dosage of this stuff?
I've read something like 5 - 20 mg per day just by quick googling.

20 mg of piperine is say to increase bioavailability of curcumine 15-fold so this amount seems to already strongly blocks the digestive enzyme.

BTW have you watched the NileRed's piperine extraction video? He seems to be able to make quite pure product:

After putting it off for a really long time I am finally finishing up my first successful small scale piperine extraction!

Right now I am freeze precipitating the end product. Planning to try to use it in about a 10mg dose as a booster for kratom tomorrow as I hear it potentiates kratom quite well!

Anyone know of other things piperine can be used to potentiate? I have high hopes for this compound! :thumb_up:
benzyme said:

look under Ligands.

thanks man! ill get back to you all soon on how some of my personal experiments with it go!

decided to do some cactoos today instead and skipped the piperine.

gonna check up on it in the freezer soon to see if it precipitated. :thumb_up:
Freeze precipitation went great! Ended up getting a nice pile of xtals!

Did a few small experiments using it to potentiate kratom with moderate success. Gonna try to do more experimental trials soon.
As benzyme wrote is affect the Cytochrome P450.
one of the most common usess of it in the supplement industry is in combination with curcumin as it enhence the absorption of it,
in the chaineese medicine it called absorption factor(maybe not the right words, just my translation of it) and its known long time before the science even revealed the p450.
btw NileRed is awsome!!! learned alot from this dude :)
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