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Plant id looks like phalaris but unsure

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Swim told me the area that he is in was all Marsh landing at one point now inorder to make the ground more stable the used phalaris in the 1890s and shortly finding out that it's evasive but it was kind of too late now it is supposed to be easily found in the area like everywhere but I don't believe this do to how olong ago this happened. But I have been seeing what I'd described as wide grass he took some picks and idk is it or not


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That doesn't appear to be phalaris. Which phalaris grasses are you seeking, exactly? And for which constituents are you planning to work with? DMT? 5-Meo-DMT? Arundinacea? Brachystachys? Aquatica? Grasses can be easily mistaken in the wild so do proceed with caution. Extraction is a lengthy process for phalaris projects. It might be worth considering that instead of harvesting wild grass - just grow your own. Seeds are not uncommon to find via the web.
You are right about that not being phalaris because I didn't actually find what swim was talking about the area being covered in it due to it being brought in in the 1800s to help keep the sewage runoffs from mixing with drinking water and to keep the ground from becoming marshland again. But doing further research into phalaris it's not as simple as making ayahuasca due to the people saying there are negative effects of the 5-Meo-dmt but I can't seem to find what they are also I would have to find a maoi to use
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