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plant id southeastearn pennsylvannia

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possible mimosa hostilis? i cant figure it out from searching. thought and opinions on species?



I would guess Albizzia julibrissin, the happiness tree.

No DMT type alkaloids but it is a nicely calming & joy bringing herb. Do the flowers smell wonderful?
I WISH that stuff were mimosa hostilis or any of the enlightening trees. Where I'm at, there are areas where the roadside has one every 15-20 feet. Stuff is even considered invasive. Was always told as a kid that it was mimosa I believe due to the similar appearance of the leaves as well as how they sometimes fold up depending on the weather but alas it is not.
The tincture of the fresh flowers is a really nice, calming, antidepressantish kind of medicine. Makes people 'giddy'.
We have loads of a. Julibrissin here too. I've been smoking the flowers a bit, lately. I can't confirm the safety of this, but it's a nice little buzz - short acting (10 or 20 minutes) and slightly stimulating. Sometimes I take a flower and wipe a small amount off the edges of my harmala bowl, and it's seams to potentiate these affects. There are some threads worth reading on them here on the Nexus.
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