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Plastic contamination [fixed]

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Before I get into it, allow me to say that it's such a pleasure to finally take the plunge and integrate into this beautiful community. What a breath of fresh air, having a space where kind-hearted psychonauts bathe in a stream of knowledge and credible sources šŸ˜ . I'm psyched to be here, and can't wait to give whatever I can back to the community that helped guide me through my first extraction, and journey to hyperspace. In short...THANK YOU!

I am currently on my 3rd extraction (500g ACRB), and ran into a bit of a speed bump:

I went with a mini-A/B tek after the initial naphtha pulls were taken from the basic soup. I poured the dirty naps into acidic water, shook thoroughly, and let separate; then transferred the 2 layers to a ziploc bag acting as a makeshift sep. funnel (I know, I know. total rookie mistake with the plastic) and here's where all hell broke loose.

I let the layers separate in the bag, snipped the corner and decanted the acidic solution to a new mason jar, but to my dismay, the corner of the ziploc bag ended up in the mason jar. I told myself "gotta fish that out before adding the lye", but tired brain that had just endured an 8 hour work day and immediately came home to a 6 hour extraction completely forgot about the tiny plastic corner. I added the lye...after 5 minutes of shaking the lye into solution, I realized my big ol' dumb-dumb error. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the plastic has disintegrated from the lye's reaction...or at least melted to such a degree that it's not detectable in solution. The basic solution has been sitting in a mason jar for about 6 days.

The selfless souls on the nexus have suggested either an additional mini-A/B + re-x or an acetone/FASA/cold water wash. This is the biggest extraction I've ever done, so anything I can salvage from this batch would be seriously appreciated. If it's too late and can't be saved at this point, c'est la vie.

I have all the materials for another mini-A/B, so I'd like to just continue with another. If I need to tweak some methods to save the deems, I'll do my best to try a FASA wash. Fellow nexians, my questions to you are:

1.) Will a mini-A/B + re-x be sufficient enough to remove plastic residue from the end product? 2.) Will the spice be OK sitting in a basic solution (without the root bark) for over a week?

I have learned my lesson. Only working with lab glass and ZERO plastic from now on!

Peace, love, and gratitude.
UPDATE: After another mini-A/B + filtration I was able to find the plastic corner. So that's good news it didn't dissolve into the solution. Investing in a real sep funnel was a huge improvement on the entire process. I can't wait to see what this extraction yields, should be the cleanest batch yet. 3 A/Bs and a 2X recrystallization should do the trick on cleaning up residual plasticizers (hopefully)!
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