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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is "batattack"

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Hello! Just like the title says, my name is batattack.

A few years ago, sacred mushrooms and I were reaquainted. This time around, we have a much different relationship. In my youth, I viewed them as a way to 'blast off' and party, basically they were just one weapon of many, in my arsenal against "reality". Now my relationship with them is more one of cultivator, caretaker and advocate. I didn't even eat them, I was on an SSRI, the effects were minimal if consumed, but like I said, we have a different relationship now.

Cut to now-ish, I am the caretaker of many organisms, including but not limited to: heirloom tomatoes, cats, dogs, injured sparrows, gourmet and active mushrooms, wormwood, deer (they consume the wormwood :p ), etc..

I consider myself pretty well versed in mushroom cultivation, pictured (hopefully) is an aa+ isolate that I've been hanging out with.

I do not consider myself a shaman, or claim any spiritual knowledge in particular. I cannot however, ignore the underlying 'blueprint' that a lot of plants and fungi seem to at least possess, if not more..

The biochemical response of these organisms, using humanity to ensure their own survival, fascinates me. Enter dmt. I have seen the blueprint, and I would like to learn more.

It truly is the spirit molecule.

Thank you for this opportunity, I hope that my knowledge/skills with mycology are something that may offer to members here at Dmt-Nexus.

I hope this message finds everyone well,


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Welcome to the Nexus!

Good to see so many mushroom lovers joining as of late! There is nothing quite as satisfying as growing your own magic! :d The Nexus is a great place to be, full of interesting and like-minded people. I hope you enjoy your stay here!


Thank you so much for such a warm welcome, I promise that I'll stay awhile. This place seems like what I'm drawn to in 'real life', honesty, positivity, can-do 'battitude' :thumb_up: !

I'll start posting content driven threads soon.
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