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Please help- a little peyote and potentially 2 San pedro have developed very bad root rot.

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The San pedro has extremely bad root rot.. it looks as if a qtr of its body is missing. I was away for a few days and it happened so fast :'(

How are the San Pedro? I've never grown them before so I can't tell if the brown is just part of the root or root rot.

Is there any saving my cacti? I'm extremely distressed and devastated by this :(

I will be very grateful for any information you can provide on how to save my cacti. Thank you guys very much in advance.


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It is normal that the san pedro part just where the earth starts has a different color. It should be firm, though. Is it firm to the touch like the rest of the cactus or soft? If its soft and squishy, then you must cut the cactus above where it starts, and put it in a pot with just sand for some weeks, so that it forms roots again, and then stick it in earth (and start watering just a little and not too often). Either way they will survive im sure :)

The peyote does look bad but Im not very experienced with peyote, just have one. Maybe someone else can give some info.

How often are they being watered? Is the soil well draining? How much light do they get?

Good luck and keep us informed
They all get a good amount of light and only a bit if direct light a day.
The soil is fairly well drained. I believe I had been watering a little too much though.

The brown parts of the San pedro are the same hardness. So that's a good sign.
Yeah as he said that happens naturally it becomes more brown and dead tword bottom, nothing to fret about, again if it is soft to the touch you have rot and you want to cut out any rot areas immediately.

Your peyote has rot. Definetly cut all trace of that out, although by the looks of it it is already doomed, sorry
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