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Poor Monkeys !~

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What scientists are doing ..> !

And note:

"When a dose of DMT which initially disrupted operant behavior (a high one!) was administered once daily for 36 to 38 consecutive days, tolerance was not observed to occur"
Poor monkeys indeed.

On the other hands its nice to see we get scientific backup for our own findings. It's a good thing in my opinion since this research supports the theory DMT is not physically addictive.
If DMT was physically addictive, it would stand to reason that all humans at some point in their lives would inevitably try to sleep their lives away in an attempt to achieve the ever diminishing returns of DMT administration in their sleep...
IDK though, there are only trace amounts of DMT in the body. My dreams are way different than my DMT experiences. And it seems strange that these trace amounts wouldn't effect you while you are awake and then suddenly they do while you are asleep.
Personally I would love to find out that DMT is responsible for dreams though. But I think that dreams are more of a thing that occur because you are disconnecting from your physical body, kind of like when you go into a k-hole, you are left with only your mind to create what it will.
Remember there is hardly anything 'linear' and simple with our brains and neurochemistry - it's a complex web of interactions of biochemicals, fields of energy, cellular stuff and DNA. Dreams would never 'be' like a dmt trip, but dmt trips sure hava elements of dreams in them.

Either way it's a web of things going on in our bodies and brains, and dmt use might be like just pulling on one string of the web - with this act, the whole thing moves, but only one string is tweaked really tightly. Dreams are more like a co-ordinated movement of the web, evenly shifting consciousness.

I'm amazed by the coincidence that dmt IS in the body already, as though the 'metabolism of enlightenment' was just waiting to be triggered. And I do believe that you can feel endogenous tryptamine 'effects' when awake... Also when entering sleep I get lots of vivid hypnogogic imagery with 'veils' being pulled off, revealing super-psychedelic ornaments etc etc ..
I have incredible hypnagogic imagery as well, and during waking hours, it's very easy for me to slip into what adrian calls a k-hole. I've trained my mind to switch to this state at will, in an almost meditative way. It's all really interesting and the fact that it all seems connected just fuels my passion for learning and experiencing more.
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