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portraying the entities- visual experiment

hi timepantry,do you have some picturs of this skirt, sounds interesting...
tele, thanks for the link,i guess the grid- checkered creature is a popular one,already few people here admitted to meet him...:shock:

Artist Robert Venosa, who died this August, was a master at capturing the look of some entities. The Robert Venosa RIP thread has a number of his pictures up, and many of them show scenes and entities that jibe quite well with stuff SWIM has seen. The three that I just added are especially congruent for me. Check it out and enjoy the work of a true master.
it seems a commonly reoccuring element of many voyages is this whole 'eyes on me' thing. I too have had the experience of seeing thousands if not millions of eyes staring at me and I was wondering if anyone had any theories about that

In response to Tek's question about the eyes: The evolution psychology-based theory would be that we've evolved to be able to pick out certain things quickly (in the wilderness) such as eyes (of, say, a predator). So there's this relatively large part of our brain dedicated to picking out eyes in the visual scene, and when our brains are on perceptual overdrive, we see most what we have evolved to identify best, such as eyes, vertical symmetry (such as in animal faces), etc.

If you want a great book on evolutionary psychology as it pertains to spiritual experiences (and thus psychedelic experiences, if you are inclined to see it that way) I recommend Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer. It's an insightful read.
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