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Possible May 2011 SHE


Rising Star
hey all i thought this could be a decent candidate for a SHE

link: http://www.thespiritguides.co.uk/Article_Rare_Planetary_Alignment_in_May_2011_7461.aspx

from May 9th to the 13th May 2011, a very rare planetary alignment takes place. four innermost planets, (apart from Earth) all visible to the naked eye as bright stars, will group together and rise before the Sun each day, making an incredible spectacle for those with a good view of the Eastern horizon.

The last time these four planets were in such close alignment was around 29th October 1910, over 100 years ago. They came vaguely close in 1915, 1955 and 1966, but nothing like as close as they will be in May this year.

so a day between the 9th and the 13th?
or a 5 day SHE to make it more accessible to people with tight schedules?

Jupiter is known as the bringer of good fortune and confidence. He joins Venus who represents success, achievement and pleasure plus Mercury who communicates, connects and transmits the energies to Earth. Mars rounds off the quartet with boundless energy and it all happens in the exuberant Zodiac sign of Aries.

much love and positive energy
Awesome! Will definitely be joining this SHE! Possibly another shroomapharma trip, or alot of blotter might do. Much love to other space travelers that will be joining!

Much Love & Sincerity,

Perceptual Reality
entheogenadvocate said:
Sounds amazing, I've never participated in one before. Has anyone ever actually met up with someone else in hyperspace?

Also, soooo jealous:
alot of blotter might do

I have, once, but they were not aware of it. Not exactly a synchronization for both of us.

I will be happy to participate on any of these dates, most likely with DMT and possibly mushrooms.
It's just a bummer it's so stretched out, would people prefer this, or would more prefer to launch in a smaller time frame, closer together? For instance the first or last day of this period, or such like.
Excellent timing--
I will be doing pharma at least once every day that week.

Indeed, a short hike from my home, there is a high lookout in a beautiful garden with a view to the east.
I will make a journey there every morning before dawn -- possibly with some changa, then later in the day, after all my tasks are completed and the sun has warmed the planet, I will partake in some mimosaroo.


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I'm down.

swim joined the last mushroom SHE, which also happened to be his birthday. It was absolutely the most synchronous experience of his life. SWIM is well-journeyed, so that's saying a lot. He's definitely looking forward to joining you all in this next visit with the eternity.
Sounds good to me, should be in the middle of an aya diet by then - hoping to purify the body this summer and earn a new ally - Friday the 13th sounds promising. See you all soon eh!
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