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Post your Lucid Dreams

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So here's one:


After waking up half way through sleep I smoked some weed and went back for some sleep. It wouldn't come, but instead I found myself slipping in and out of lucid dreaming.

The first few I don't remember clearly but it was like 'the usual', walking through streets and entering random houses, moving through chambers and occasionally meeting people. I remember at one point I started to just walk through walls because going for doors was starting to become annoying.

Then there was a outdoor scene with a large body of water and more or less walked across, took a dip halfway to see if the scenery would change, but it stayed the same. Walked up a wall on the other end of the water to the pavement.

Next I got to a appartment on a high floor in a building. There were a man and a woman. Told the woman she was beautiful, but ignored the man. Looking out of the window I saw a street with some old houses. I asked them for a gym. They pointed one out for me. Next I got to the roof and wanted to get across the street to the place, but had to jump a large way down. It was like the matrix, the jump test. Everybody falls the first time and I fell down, sensations of falling. But didn't hurt or lost the dream. Yet I couldn't locate the gym anymore. So I entered a random building. Very nice architecture, late 19th century. It was a shop and I walked backdoors and got to a series of rooms and corridors...

I had enough of that and managed to ascend through the ceiling. But everything went black. It was only the sensation of being in a elevator and kept going trying to tune in for visuals. Eventually I saw the blue of the sky and turned horizontally. The view was lo-fi at first, but I concentrated and the view became stereoscopic HD. Wow that was amazing, wide panoramic view. Saw the landscape unfold. Flying over a city with lots of green and a forest on the hills in distance. Set course for that. Then I heard myself croaking like crow or raven! Amazing, never had an animal flight experience ever before! 8) Definately shamanic overtones.

Eventually I lost my focus. Two things happened, one was that one building moved in a non physical way, like the rendering was messed up. Also I tried to go faster and then I finally lost the dream and was back in my bed again.

On the whole I had thorough and prolonged experience, got to jumping of a building and flying as a bird. Also managed to get a very clear HD view of panoramic scenery. I think the last part was the best of it. At the same time I started sweating like duck btw. I woke up totally drenched in sweat...
Well!? No one's been LD'ing the past 2 weeks?! Dude...

I'm just 'lucky' to sleep so bad, it's relatively easy to induce them if conditions are right.

Few days ago I had the same recipe: Woke up after 4 hours, did some weed and went back to bed. Couldn't find any sleep but gradually sunk into a sort of state of stupor toward the outside world. I knew that it was possible to induce them and somehow managed to find an 'entrypoint'. So over a half hour or so I slipped in and out...

This time however it was fairly dark overall. People were hard to find. I wandered through endless corridors and rooms, really bad architecture - just stupid concrete structures and square tiles. At one point I heard people chat, but couldn't get to them.

But one scene was interesting. I was in a sort of forest before a very large tree with one branch reaching to the ground. It was overgrown with some kind of weed. First I wanted to fly to it, but noticed flying was not possible. Instead I walked, but the thing was - I had legs! Could clearly make out the legs and how they 'walked'. The terrain was very rough and rocky, though I didn't feel a thing from that. Yet, my legs were there. It was the first time I discerned a kind of body. Bad thing, I didn't reach the tree before I woke up...

Another scene were I was in my living room and there was a mirror on the wall. So, I took a peek into it. Saw my face and upper body. Took off my clothes and sorta 'admired' what I saw: it was really off, arms were like thin branches and my chest like a very big barrel - my head looked like a big chunk of something. Lol 😉 It was fairly dark, so I reached for the switch but the lights failed to turn on.

And that was it. Overall darkness this time. But one thing I learned is that each time you can build on the skills from the past episodes. So last time I learned how to 'focus' the dreamworld into clarity and I used that this time as well. On top of that I got legs! I mean, the usual thing is that you're like a floating upper body with no legs, this issa real improvement.
Well after my yopo salvia combo 4 days in a row I had wierd dreams each night for 7 days.
Extremly short ones too. Like ~1Min realtime.

One of them was just me explaining to a former classmate that I lucid dream because of using Yopo.
Inception stuff right there!

Another older dream was me standing on a cliff that was just very plain and white. Just 2 giant blocks with an infinite inbetween. I stood up there and thinking wow thats deep. And then this is a dream lets jump! I then woke up and was filled with regret because I woke myself up :)
I had an interesting and vivid dream/LD recently. It was partly fuelled by a WBTB, having gotten up to go to the toilet and have a drink of water. In the dream I was in a city, it was dingy, grimy and overcrowded and very densely populated, because space was so lacking everyone was living in very tall buildings. I felt disconnected there and sought out what fragments of nature remained. I found this really large tree with tree houses in and noticed when I was there, I felt a bit better. I climbed higher and higher in this tree, and seemed to come upon a new place or dimension above the city, still an urbanised environment, but less dingy, less manipulated, brighter with more nature and I felt better there.

At some point I found myself floating very high in the sky, looking down at this realm, and it was vast, like a county, or a country. There were many many layers or realms all stacked on top of another, and the higher the realm, the purer its essence, and the more natural and appealing it seemed, and the upper realms were incredibly fantastical and wondrous in their natural beauty, and suddenly I was overcome with a deep sense of awe.

As I was hit by this sense of awe, I was hit at the same by a sudden sense of powerful familiarity, like I somehow knew this place, and I'd seen it before. At that moment I became profoundly lucid that I was dreaming, and then the dream imploded into blackness, and I woke up.
I guess I might as well share mine. Apologies for the dark nature of the dream, but I have a rather dark past and it sometimes bubbles up into my dreams. In some cases, when the dreams are particularly unpleasant, I am able to become lucid and escape.

The dream began with me bound, lying inside the trunk of a car, next to the body of a murdered man. The people who had murdered him had caught up to me and murdered me as well...or so I thought. But the dead man spoke to me as his killers drove us both somewhere with plans of disposing of our bodies. The man told me that I wasn't dead yet, even though I thought I was, and that I could still escape. He explained to me that I really wasn't dead at all, and all I needed to do was to wake up. It wasn't too late. This triggered me to a state of lucidity in the dream and I realized that all I had to do was wake myself from the dream and I would be out of that damned trunk, out of that damned car, and back in my bed. Just the same, I felt badly for leaving the man in the trunk of the car, and I lingered for a moment before making myself wake up, promising him that I would not stop until I found him.

After that I was awake and in my bed. I can't say I slept much the rest of the night however.
Okay here's mine from some days ago, short and semi-lucid:

I was standing in a stream of water and I noticed some coins and gold nuggets. I went instantly in yay-mode, collecting the treasure. Then my lucid awareness kicked in and I thought: wait a minute, I know this a dream, this happend before. So I looked around in my dream, trying to gain more lucidity but I decided it was reality and not a dream. So I discarded the RCs. Later I woke up and thought: aw damn... Tricked again.

PS: The Aurora Dreamband is near its market release:

Ufostrahlen said:
Later I woke up and thought: aw damn... Tricked again.

Your dream reminded me of one I had a month or so ago where I had received a substantial check in the mail. I would never need to work another day in my life sort of check. Anyway, as I swooned at my good fortune, the thought occurred to me that this might be a dream, seeming too good to be true. I decided to examine the check's signature, reasoning that detail wouldn't be complete in a dream. However, the signature was spot-on, so I went about my merry way, deluding myself. Woke up a bit later, slightly grumpy and poor. :(
MasonJarBong said:
I decided to examine the check's signature, reasoning that detail wouldn't be complete in a dream. However, the signature was spot-on, so I went about my merry way, deluding myself. Woke up a bit later, slightly grumpy and poor. :(
Haha, at least your dream body is rich, you got already 50% right. No financial worries in your dream.

Had the same issue today again, I sat in a bus, trying to breathe thru my closed nose as a RC.
It felt funny, yet not completely foreign. So I decided that I resided in waking reality.
Shortly after I woke up... :?
I had a lucid dream of sorts last night, or at least I dreamt that I did :?

Suddenly in my dream phase I realised I was dreaming and repeated to myself "Ok, this is it! Stay lucid... stay lucid!" Then I walked up to a mirror in the bathroom of my parents' house where I used to live. I looked in the mirror to see a fairly up-to-date image of myself, albeit a little blurred in places.

"Stay lucid!"

I raised up my right hand - normally, I do not see my limbs so clearly when dreaming - first pointing to the mirror and saying to myself "that's not too bad, a bit blurry but let's see if the image follows well." I then deliberately formed a thumb-up sign to further test the mirror but the image kept its index finger stretched out; I felt as though I was struggling to change the image in the mirror, which was blurred and disjointed, like multiple different overlaid images, or low-bandwidth digital video.

Just then a scruffy tabby cat attacked my left(?) arm and at first I fought it with blows and force to get it to let go. Then I decided to be nice to the cat and, lo and behold, it released its jaws and claws. Then another cat appeared, looking like the back half of a black cat sewn onto the front half of a white cat. Perhaps a grey cat then also appeared but then I woke up. Outside the 'supermoon' was shining in all its fullness through the crystal-clear, frosty night.
Had a fail at becoming lucid: Went downstairs and noticed the bookshelf was missing, the whole piece of furniture was removed. I knew this wasn't right, how could it have disappeared? My doors were still locked. Thought that maybe aliens had invaded my home and taken my books :? .

Another time I did succeed: Found myself in a school and noticed people saw me. Walked through the classrooms and people were entering for the morning class. I interacted with some people and send some bullies away. They were trying to bully me. I thought, what the hell and just brushed them off. Got the idea of walking a tai chi form in order to anchor myself to the reality and I managed to walk the form correctly. The dream lasted very long and I don't remember the later part. But during it I ended up in a meeting room with some people chilling out and we had a conversation about something that lasted a while.

One morning I was caught between sleep and waking and tried to get out of bed. Instead I rolled out of it and knew that I was in a dream, though the surroundings were (almost) exactly how they are in real life. The door just opened the other direction, the curtains were closed (were they checked out to be opened). I walked around my house and multiple times woke up and just as easily got back to that state again were I rolled out my body and explored my house. It was almost exactly how it is, just small minor details that differed. In the end I got outside and tried to fly a bit, but didn't get very far. It was difficult to see clearly, everything was in a sort of fog that made it difficult to see far.
neurohack said:
In the end I got outside and tried to fly a bit, but didn't get very far. It was difficult to see clearly, everything was in a sort of fog that made it difficult to see far.
William Buhlman writes in his books that you just have to demand clarity by exclaiming it: "Clarity now!"

Wish I could at least have a foggy LD so I can try it out myself.
Last time I woke up in a dream. Just got there from a scene involving the attic of my childhood home. It's dimensions were off and that triggered a lucid state.

Then I talked to my dad and told him he was in my dream and he went with me on some sort of adventure. We came in a store of sorts we he got caught up in buying something and walked off. From there I was in a busy street with shops. Did enter one and looked at some goods and stuff. Found it a bit boring having to walk in a crowded city's shopping center. Though it were small shops and old architecture. Next there was a girl and got into conversation of sorts. But at one point I found myself trying to undress her. She said no, or something but didn't resist or gave a look. But I stopped nevertheless. To learn some restraints there.

It's absolutely not logical and lucidity isn't the same as during waking hours. Talking to people is fun, enlisting them to go on a adventure. Gotta try that again...

Another thing that comes back is this so called astral projection. It starts with a sort of buzzing sensation and I then just roll out of my body, or something like that. I'm still in my bedroom and it's (almost) the same as in real life. Though noticed that doors opened the wrong way or curtains were closed when really open. Also it can be tricky because one time I dreamt laying in my bed and rolling out. Then I was lucid but my house was totally different. When I woke up for real, I was lying reversed in bed than in the dream. So I got tricked into thinking I was awake and lying in bed, while I was dreaming of lying in bed but nevertheless then rolled out and actually became lucid!

Last time went like this: Felt the buzz and wriggled a little. Then I 'popped' out and stood up. Like hoora I'm doing it again. Vision came pretty quickly. It was not as in waking were u see small stuff. It was the room, furniture, some colors but not the intricacies. Then there were voices all the time. Hearing people talk through one another. Didn't bother about it. Some hypnagogic shit I thought. Anyway, walked downstairs. Went to the backdoor and stepped through it into my 'garden'. There I turned around and looked to the roof. Jumped or intentioned myself on the roof and was at the base of the tiled slope (my house has a steep one). Felt the tiles move as I proceeded upward to the rim. Looked over it and saw a tree on the other side on the pavement. Wanted to jump into the tree. But hesitated, was I really astral projecting, or did I sleepwalk and climbed the roof? Remember the X-files Mulder 'when you're awake but still dreaming; you may think you can fly but better not try.' So I backed off and was -bzzzt- back in my body.
I havent used galantamine much for quite a long while but just bought some... dreamamins..pro galantamine recently on line and here is my dream this morning...

pro galantamine...
« on: Today at 11:37:49 AM »
Hi all..

I went ahead and ordered some new bottles of... dreamamins last remaining stock of
leagle to buy ..[pro galantamine]] got a free bottle in the deal..

I havent taken [Galantamine choline combo] for a long time...but this morning.. i took one capsule of pro galantamine and 250 mgs of bitartrate choline ..then emptying capsule and crushing the choline tab and mixing into a small amount of caffine free green tea set beside the bed for use at WBTB...[wake back to bed]...

After getting my deep sleep first for 4 and a half hours woke...about 2:30am to my talking alarm clock telling me to take the dream stack...

I woke and drank down the green tea mix and tryed for over an hour to sleep on my back...
[because my chances for an out of body experiance was higher that way]];; but not being a back sleeper i couldent get to sleep that way..then i rolled over on my right side and within 80 minutes found myself in dream rideing in a car that stoped and let me out near a nature trail that led into the mountains..

After walking down the trail bare footed for what seemed like hours.. i found myself surounded by the highest towering mountains ive ever seen !

I walked so far into this wilderness that i was afraid i got lost.. and tryed to find my way back to the road but.. after waking for what seemed like a half a day i was getting worried i would never get out!

I was getting tired as i kept hiking up and down jaged rocks that took me on and off the hard to see trail... i also remember comming up to extreemly high ...
drop offs on the edges of the rocks that could have been my end...

This dream was soo convincing that it was very hard to realize it was a dream!!

If a strong dream cue would have happened... i would shuerly have become lucid but everything in the extreemly vivid dream was so perfect this time...

As i continued walking i was starting to give up hope that i would find my way back before dark ..all i could see was granit rocks every where and giant towering peaks all around me intermitently blocking the sinking sun..

The i started hearing human voices of other hikers and could see off to my right in distance houses lining the jaged peaks meaning i was closer to civilization..

I then speed my pace a little getting hungry and tired from all the miles ive hiked that afternoon and tryed climbing up a very steep part of the trail but it lead me into a cluster of giant rocks that had a hole i tryed to climb through but gave up because it lead to a drop off!

Reversing from the drop off ... i backed off back down to the main trail.. and found another trail where i met two girls and we walked together and climbed up another steep incline where i went through noticing a large loose rock warning them to be carefull!

We all got through and i started to see houses and could cars on a road then i woke up whew!! ...what a high detailed dream that could have foolee anyone..but with that kind of detail one good dream cue and i would have been flying over them mountains like an eagle!!

Im remembering fine details in this [G] dream i could never remember in a normal dream...

I always have liked ..[.dreamamins galantamine] for its high quality im glad i purchaced some while it lasts....

Next time ill be lucid and i love flying!:thumb_up:
I just had a LD! I'll just describe it here.

I don't remember much of this dream, but this is what I remember: I was dreaming, and in the dream, I was in the driveway outside my house and then a packet of bread flew over my head and landed in the ground in front of me. (I know, weird, right?:d) I realised I was dreaming, and there were people around me, and I just started screaming (in the dream) " this is not real, you are not real!" , over and over. At first, nothing happened.

Then, the dream changed to this black background with purple splotches in my field of vision. At first, I thought that I had stopped dreaming, then I realised, "Nope, the dream is still going on." Then images started flowing through my FOV. Plants and images of jaguars. It felt like I was walking through a jungle at night. The sky was black, but the plants and animals seemed to have a light of their own.

Then these other images started flowing past me. They look just like the thread bars in the "Active Discussions" section of the DMT Nexus homepage, except the words and the images were all random and the bars looked holograms as they came past me. I tried to "click" on these holograms, but nothing happened, so I was pretty disappointed.:(

I don't remember what happened after that, but somehow the dream changed into a different dream sequence. In this, I was playing a game, where you had to collect rings while avoiding obstacles. Sort of like Sonic, but not because the imagery and the characters were nothing like Sonic. The game played out over my whole field of vision. I remember trying to control my character, trying to get the rings and avoid the obstacles, but it wasn't working. I kept crashing. I first used my finger to control the character, like you would on a touchscreen, then, when that didn't work, I "became" the character, and tried to navigate that way. That also didn't work.:(

I don't remember much of the dream after that.
Here's another LD I had just a few hours ago:

I was dreaming, and I ended up in this bathroom, there were a few mirrors on the wall, I had heard about looking at mirrors while dreaming, that your face would look distorted, I was kinda scared to do it, but I ended up just deciding to do it anyway.

So I looked in the mirror, and nothing. The mirror only showed the reflection of the room. So I was kinda disappointed. Then I started floating upwards. This has happened to me quite a few times in dreams, so I recognised it. I tried to fly, but there was a ceiling above me. So I carried on floating through a sort of passage with a white ceiling above me. This ceiling wasn't just a level ceiling, it had angular recesses in it.

I carried on floating until I reached a opening in the wall of this room I was in. It was a screen like thing with many small openings built into the wall. There was something being projected behind the screen. The best way I can describe it is a moving image. Brightly lit in many colours, it swirled and moved, and it was very vivid. I then tried to squeeze through this screen. It was very difficult, and I struggled for quite some time. Eventually I got through.

Then I came to yet another screen, and yet another moving image behind it. I struggled through again, and popped out.

My memory gets a bit hazy here, but what I do remember is flying over a city. This city seemed to be a medieval city, all the buildings were in the medieval style. I was flying through the city, and I wanted to get higher, above the city. So I flew up, over the city. As I flew up, I saw a castle in the right side of my vision. It was nighttime in this dream, BTW. This city was in a valley, there were mountains all around. Just had to give that detail.😁

So I'm flying over this city, and I'm looking at it from a bird's eye view. The buildings are tall towers, everything's lit up in the city, and there are these giant statues of kingly figures dotted all over the city.

I carry on flying over the city, and then I think to do a maneuver.:d So I fly to the edge of the city where there is a valley with a mountain in the background and a river down below. So I dive down. This was absolutely exhilarating. It really felt like I was diving down at an insane speed. I could feel and hear the rush of wind around me, I could see the ground rushing up to me at breakneck speed. I dove down and swooped up just before hitting the water below me.

Then I woke up.:d
This was prolly back in august ish .

towards end of an Ayahuasca (Rainbow Rue ) trip, i took a nap.

in the nap i was i na dark basement room but could see clearly.
a person with solemn look sitting a couch looking at me, then their was this dog crawling near me but was phasing out and transformed , then something came around me and bit me on the neck .

during the dream i woke up and was virtually paralyzed, saw to my left, a serpent playing with my left arm, and one in front of me, was looking at me with curious look, i stuck my tongue out and french kissed her . then started giggling.

then i woke up back on earth thinking dont think that was a dream .

That was an awesome "dream" .

another one during an ayahuasca trip, felt like an initiation kinda, was lying down, and there were snakes gnawing at my flesh but was biting off crust, felt no pain, more less tickled.

Then i looked up and go another me ? saw this purpish canine lionish figure with a tail that had a lotus flower and circle around it, with him he had a female attendant, closet resemblance of the female would be a mix of FFX shiva with Angewoman from digimon .

The Purpleish canine lionish figure telepathically says to me playing with serpents aye, then disappears.

woke up and was like wow garoyle crust removed. i then walked to the store and felt lighter around my calves and upper back. hmm sorta like i just got a massage feeling would be closest i could describe.

another "dream" . i was at work sitting on conveyer belt, and an angel walked by be, then the manage came in the room ( for privacy her name is jane doe) i said Jane did u see that angel ?

she responds i dont have time to see an angel. then the room warpped a bit. her skin turned pale white with gapped teeth. and said she had breast cancer.

then me and another co worker, he transformed into a 6ft 8 dude with dreads and me n him were skateboarding in a random grocery store, i was skating on my stomach on the board.

Another "Dream"

Me and this dude were in a train, the train tipped over, we got out, and then another train derailed, i go awesome cool, he responds thats not aweosome, i start running towards the train to try to help anyone there.

i wrapped my right arm with my purple sweatshirt and smashed a glass window to help people get out of the wreckage, and saw someone i knew from highschool, i called her name but she didnt know that was her name. the dude i was with managed to break open the door to let other trapped people out.

from their a fairyly stocky woman with sunglasses, asked me to come with her, she looked like security officer.

i was in this office, and people were sticking out their tongues getting scanned.

i looked around for the "coolest" employee their to talk to. and saw a dude who looked like drake mixed with Omari Hardwick/ghost from Power. and i asked him whats going on.

he said ( he had no tongue) its about getting chipped and tongue cut off.

i said ah ok ty. i then leave the room. and tell the person who i was with what happened, they freaked out saying u talked to them.

at this time the person i was with was a nervous wreck stressed out. we then entered an elevator, he was trying to get wifi on his phone, we were walking through this restruant that looked like it was a train mixed with an elevator. everything the people were frozen in time so to speak.

this was the "top floor" then we went down the elevator and i woke up .
Here's some moar LD stuff for you guys:d:

I was dreaming, and ended up in this field, and a saw a white dog in the distance. I thought:"Cool, let me go to this dog." So I walked over to the dog and it walked over to me. So I started playing with this dog, and then it morphed into a lion. This lion was cartoonish in appearance, with a rather small body and huge head.

I greeted this lion. I think I said" Hello, how are you" and it said" Hello" and then "I'm good, and you?" Or something like that. I can't remember. Then there was an awkward silence. It just stood there, smiling at me. This lion was very friendly throughout this encounter. Then I asked it what was it's name was. It gave my name, which was interesting, to say the least.

In another dream, I was walking out of my old primary school(that's what school for young kids is called where I live) with some other people, and I saw a red Aston Martin. We admired this car for a little while, then I decided to get in it. I got in the passenger side, then I decided" No, I don't want this.", and moved myself to the driver's seat. I reversed out of the parking bay, and set off.

The steering wheel of the car was red. Something I remembered. So, I'm driving this car, and I'm really thrashing it.:d This car had paddle shifters(look that up if you don't know what that is.)and every time I would change gears, I would flick the paddles and the car would make this clunking noise whenever I would change gears. This dream was sooooo realistic. It really felt like I was racing. I could hear the engine as it accelerated, I could hear the gear change noises, I could even hear that classic noise cars make when they decelerate, which happened when I came to a corner in the road in this dream. It was way cool.:d
Okay I've been having LD's for periods on and off. Right now it's a bit quit, however it gives time to reflect on some of the experiences.

For one there seems to be a sort of divide between on the one hand those LD's where I feel like being 'in the box'. There is this sense of being trapped in a maze of my own. The scenery is mostly buildings and sometimes even very boring buildings. Colors are not very bright, mostly fade into grey tones. One the other hand I've had these peak experiences where I had sceneries that were not only colorful, bright and wide - but also out of the box. The places then were like the city I live in and strongly represented the landscape.

The most vivid was when I found myself standing in a rough field with a vast water surfaces and marshes alongside the river. I could see the city with it's bridges and knew how to place my position on the map. But more than that, the details were astonishing. I looked at trees and other vegetation with such clarity and intricate details. The reeds were moving on the wind and there was life all around. Visionary it had a kind of holographic quality, like if you raytrace a most intricate scene in the highest resolution. Stuff had a particular kind of glow unlike normal waking vision. It was way better than real life. The weather was sunny without clouds. Found myself walking through the marsh and in the water. It was shallow, but I walked clearly and had motor control just like in life. Flying still proved difficult but I managed to do long leaps. Besides that there wasn't much I did except being there and tuning in.

Strange thing is that through finding a way to be better able to sleep, I am not having them anymore (for now). It used to be through hours of not being able to make the transition from waking to sleeping, getting stuck in the hypnogogic state, that LD's could take place. I got to know this state quite well. With its auditory hallucinations, feeling of presence, not being able to pinpoint the present, pressures on the body and false awakenings. Through this I understand now what it is to hear voices outside yourselve and having fears about people in your home or bedroom etc. But having normal sleep is in itself a gift.
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